7 Dartmouth Students Allege Sexual Assault From Professor In Lawsuit

Seven current and former Dartmouth students filed a $70 million lawsuit against the university for sexual harassment, assault, gender-based discrimination by three “predatory professors.”

The statement says that the Title IX class action lawsuit is against professors Todd Heatherton, William Kelley and Paul Whalen who are tenured professors in Dartmouth’s Department of Psychology and Brain Sciences (PBS).

The statement claims that the professors “formed a private ‘predators club’ and treated the PBS Department like a ’21st century Animal House.'”

Kristina Rapuano, Andrea Courtney and Annemarie Brown are the three plaintiffs who are former Dartmouth students who completed doctorates at the university. They all graduated from Dartmouth and went to school at Yale, Stanford and Dartmouth, respectively. Marisa Evans also graduated from Dartmouth’s PBS doctorate program.

Vassiki Chauhan, Sasha Brietzke and Jane Doe are three women are currently enrolled at Dartmouth.

The complaint details how Heatherton, Kelley and Whalen assaulted, harassed and raped female students. They supposedly hired female lab assistants based on how hot they were. The three professors held lab meetings at bars and invited students to “‘hot tub parties'” at their homes.

They also encouraged undergraduate students to use cocaine during class as “part of a ‘demonstration.'”

The statement claims that Dartmouth knew about these claims for years “but failed to take action until Plaintiffs and other women in the PBS Department organized and filed a collection Title IX complaint against the professors.”

The complaint goes into detail how the professors used their power to control their student’s academic careers if they rejected their advancements. They would delay exams, cancel advisory meetings and stunt their funding and research if they rejected their harassments.

“Dartmouth’s conduct was wanton, malicious, outrageous, and conducted with full knowledge of the law,” according to the lawsuit. “Dartmouth exhibited reckless indifference to the foreseeable risks of harm.”

Two of the professors resigned and one retired this year.

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