A Professor Was Suspended For Calling Police On A Student For Having Her Feet Up In Class

A viral tweet from a University of Texas at San Antonio has resulted in a professor being suspended. A tweet sent out by @ApurvaYRawal show video of police talking to what looks like the professor and then she brings them over to a student. The police talk to the student and then escort the student, a black woman, out of the classroom. The tweet claims that that the professor called the cops on the student because she “had her feet up” in class.

The student goes on to explain the situation in a thread of tweets. “This professor stopped class entirely and stepped out to call the police just because one student had her feet up on a seat in front of her,” He tweeted. “Mind you she wasn’t talking or interrupting lecture.”

The university hasn’t officially identified the student or professor but other students have identified the professor as Anita Moss, a biology professor. The school did confirm that the incident happened in a biology class.

He went on to explain how the professor “went on a whole tirade” scolding the class because “her ego was bruised.”

After going viral, the student identified herself on social media. She confirmed that the professor is Anita Moss and she didn’t violate the student code of conduct.

In response to the video and misconduct by the professor, the university launched two investigations through their Office of Equal Opportunity Services and classroom management.

“For the best interest of all involved, the faculty member’s classes will be taught by another faculty member for the remainder of the semester,” President Taylor Eighmy stated in an update regarding the investigations.

The university concluded that the professor doesn’t have a racial bias or a classroom mismanagement track record and that this incident was isolated. They clearly stated that the student involved didn’t believe that the professor’s actions were racially charged and chose not to “file a formal complaint of discrimination” with the Equal Opportunity Services.

The professor will have to go through mandatory classroom management training and after completing, she will be able to return to the classroom. Once she returns she will still be monitored by the school.

The student thanked her fellow students for sticking up for her and holding their professor accountable.

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