11 Weird Thanksgiving Family Traditions That’ll Crack Up Your Holiday

Much of what people love about Thanksgiving is the chance to eat the same foods with the same people and then have the same argument over whether the TV will be tuned to football or a holiday movie. Every family has a longstanding Thanksgiving tradition they could never live without (not that they would ever admit it out loud).

Here is a list of funny, sometimes straight-up weird Thanksgiving rituals from people all over the internet. Take it all in and be thankful for your closest weirdos.

Reality Show In Their Own House

Elf to The Mission…On Thanksgiving

Always Remember To Show Your Appreciation

Gotta Pass On Grandpa’s ‘Slapsgiving’

Reddit user nostateofmind wrote: “I honestly don’t know how it all started but every time we cooked up a turkey for a holiday my grandfather would always give it a slap on its way into the oven. He passed several years ago but we still slap the turkey on his behalf.”

Need Some Heat To Light Up The Holiday

Turkey Dance!

A Different Kind Of Roasting

Eating (And Puking) Contest

Daddy Needs To Make Sure You’re Growing

Hunt Your Own Food

PJ Thanksgiving

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