Black Friday 2018: 5 Things To Do That Won’t Break The Bank

Black Friday is infamously known for deathly stampedes of overly-excited customers searching for the best deals in supercenter stores and customers assaulting one-another over the supposed limited best deal items. Some families consider this engrossing day a tradition and will camp out at stores following the turkey dinner. According to Footwear News, a staggering 44% of Americans camped out for Black Friday 2017.

If, on the off chance, spending $400 on a new camera or camping out for 7 hours in the cold isn’t on your Black Friday to-do-list, check out these five things to do on Black Friday below.

Be A Tourist In Your Own City, Enjoy The Fall Day!

Fall leaves on stairs


So you think you know your town or city inside and out? Chances are there’s at least one local spot you haven’t been to yet, so why not put on that fanny pack and strut around the street looking for a good eatery? If you can’t find a good place go have a picnic or take a stroll through the park and take in the beauty of the changing leaves.

Binge-Watch The Latest Hit

Netflix on a laptop


Unless you’ve been living under a rock you know about the recently released¬†Netflix binge-worthy series like the “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina“, “Haunting of Hill House”, and “House of Cards”.

If 10 hours of watching a show is too much to handle, why not check out the latest rom-com to hit the streaming service? Take the Thanksgiving leftovers and enjoy a good couch potato day.

Treat Yo’ Self To Relaxation

what to do valentine's day single

We all know the famous words of Retta from “Parks and Recreation”, but treating yourself doesn’t always mean spending monumental amounts of money. Take a trip to Marie Claire¬†and have a fun DIY face mask afternoon or make a dreamy bubble bath.

Host A Dinner Party

woman cooking on stove


Thanksgiving is a major holiday but how about organizing a Friendsgiving with Thanksgiving leftovers? Get the best of both worlds by hanging out with friends and eating the turkey day meal twice.




‘Tis the season for giving! Visit a local shelter and offer your time. You’ll feel great and you’ll make a difference in somebody’s day.

Have a safe Black Friday!

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