10 Winter Activities To Add To Your Bucket List This Season

December is nearing and that means winter is well on the way. Winter is freezing and most people use it as an excuse to stay inside, but that doesn’t have to be you! There are so many fun things to do in the winter that you can only do during the colder months.

Check out our bucket list for 10 fun activities to try this winter!

Go ice skating.


Ice skating is a perfect winter activity. Bundle up in your favorite hat, scarf and gloves, and grab a hot chocolate and head to the ice! Skating rinks are fairly common, so there shouldn’t be any trouble tracking one down. Some cities even have outdoor rinks for a natural scene, and winter feels. It’s a great way to exercise and spend time with family and friends while celebrating winter.



Sledding is the ultimate winter activity. No matter what age you are, sledding is a fun thing to do with friends once snow falls. College kids are known to go sledding when they have a day off from classes because of the weather so don’t think it’s just restricted to little kids.

Stay in and bake cookies.


Who doesn’t love cookies? Staying inside on a cold day and baking cookies is a great winter tradition. Grab your cookie cutters, sprinkles and icing and create Christmas masterpieces! You can also substitute cookies out for brownies or cupcakes if you’d rather bake those with friends to get in the holiday spirit.

Watch a Christmas movie marathon.


As soon as Thanksgiving ends, all the winter and Christmas movies start playing on TV. Make some snacks and gather around with family and friends on a cold day to have a movie marathon. Watch classics that you enjoy every year to get into the holiday spirit!

Cut down a Christmas Tree.


Going to a Christmas tree farm is one of the most fun winter activities. Walk around and take in the fresh pine smell while snacking on hot chocolate and cookies. Christmas tree picking makes for a fun photo opportunity as well.

Watch a hockey game.

Don’t be sad that fall football is ending because that means winter hockey will start up soon! Watching a hockey game, whether inside or outside, is a thrilling winter activity to experience. Bundle up and head to the rink to watch one of the most entertaining sports.

Look at Christmas lights.


Are you looking for something festive to do? Then check out Christmas lights by driving around your neighborhood with friends. Play your favorite Christmas tunes to get into the spirit and enjoy the lights during the month of December.

Decorate your house.


Decorating is a given but go all-out this year with winter décor by shopping at fun places like Target, Marshalls and Home Goods that have huge selections of holiday items. Picking out a theme to follow and then decorate your entire room with snowmen, snowflakes and pretty lights!

Make crafts.

Winter is the best time to make crafts. Head to stores like Target and A.C. Moore and find deals on cute items to make with friends. You can make anything from a gingerbread house to a pinecone wreath with items you can right at home or in your backyard!

Attend a Winter Festival.


Festivals and craft fairs are very common as Christmas and winter approach. Most cities have them as well as smaller towns to get into the spirit of the season. They sell anything from baked goods to jewelry, so festivals are definitely worth checking out for your winter shopping.

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