The Kardashians Are Still NOT Over Tristan Thompson’s Cheating

The Kardashian family is supposedly just being nice to Tristan Thompson’s face, but they’re not over the cheating scandal. In April 2018 footage of Tristan cheating on Khloe Kardashian was released and a few days later Khloe gave birth to their daughter True Thompson.

“Everyone is trying to be civil and nice since Khloe wants them to. Khloe just wants to be supported in the decisions that she makes regarding Tristan,” a source told People magazine.

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson leaving Lure Night Club celebrating Kevin Hart's birthday

The incident was filmed and recently aired on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. The family’s reaction to Tristan’s infidelity was less than savory. Kim and Kourtney Kardashian declared that they would kill him when they saw him next. Kim went on Ellen DeGeneres’ show and said the whole cheating incident was messed up. Tristan didn’t take this lightly and blocked Kim on Instagram.

The couple didn’t break up over the cheating scandal, but it obviously affected their relationship. Recently the two spent Thanksgiving together in Cleveland, Ohio with their daughter.

“[Khloe] always understood that her family was very upset and defensive after he cheated. That situation was such a nightmare for Khloe at a time that should have been her happiest,” the source shared.

But since the cheating scandal, the family has appeared to make amends with Tristan. In June Kim and Tristan appeared to have made up when they both joked about unfollowing and blocking each other on Instagram. Kim videotaped the whole conversation and even jokingly asked for Tristan’s phone passcode.

Despite the progress between the Kardashians and Tristan, they still don’t trust him 100 percent. People‘s source says that Khloe’s family doesn’t “trust Tristan and thinks Khloe could do much better.”

“Khleo has asked for them to respect whatever decisions she makes for her family, and that’s what they are doing right now.” The source continues, “They are playing nice and being supportive of Khloe, it doesn’t mean that they think Tristan is a great guy.”

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