Ariana Grande Hints At Her Next Single In ‘Thank U, Next’ Music Video

Ariana Grande has an affinity for hinting at her next single in her most recent music videos. She hinted at the track record for Sweetener in her first music video “No Tears Left To Cry” and the Tracklist for Thank U, Next in her music video “Breathin.” Her latest music video for “Thank U, Next” just dropped and fans think Ariana is hinting at what song will be her next single.

When Ariana is playing Regina George from Mean Girls she is wearing a tank top that says, “A Little Bit Needy.” In the movie, the tank actually reads “A Little Bit Dramatic.”


Fans think Ariana switched the tank to say needy because it’s the title of one of her upcoming songs and she’s hinting it’s the next single.

Grande has been teasing the “Needy” on her social media since the beginning of October. She shared a video of her in the studio playing the song.

She sings, “I can be needy / Way too damn needy / I can be needy / Tell me how good it feels to be needed.”

The song title for “Needy” was revealed in the “Breathin” music video. On the train station’s departure board it shows the song titles for “Needy,” “Remember” and “Imagine.”

Today she tweeted at her manager Scooter Braun that she was bored and wanted to drop another song.

Maybe fans will get another surprise drop like “Thank U, Next” and will be able to listen to “Needy” soon.

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Inside Ariana Grande’s Burn Book From Her ‘Thank U, Next’ Music Video
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