Inside Saint West & Reign Disick’s Extravagant Tarzan Themed Birthday Party

The Kardashians are known to go all out for birthday’s and Saint West and Reign Disick’s joint birthday party was no different.

Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian threw their sons a Tarzan themed birthday party at Kim’s house. The cousins are supposedly “obsessed” with Tarzan. The Kardashians balled out for Saint and Reign’s party. Kim decked out her entire house in tropical leaves and successfully turned her home into a jungle.

Saint turns 3 on December 5 and Reign turns 4 on December 14.

Kim shared the birthday party decorations on her Instagram. “So the boys are obsessed with Tarzan. And we have a Tarzan-themed birthday party and jungle in my house,” Kim told fans while taking them on a tour of the party. “We did this down my hallway.”

“I don’t know if you guys can hear, but there is a rainforest theme music all over the house,” Kim continued.

On top of having decked out decorations, the dessert table at the birthday party was no joke. Kim showed off the animal cake pops, donuts, personalized cakes, cookies, chocolate covered pretzels and more on Instagram. All of the desserts were perfectly on the theme.

“Oh my gosh, how cute are these?” Kim gushed while showing off the delectable sweets. “They love Tarzan! How cute is all of this?”

There must have been a face painter at the party because a video was posted of Saint with his face pained. In the background, you can see grandmother Kris Jenner at the party and Scott Disick carrying Penelope Disick on his shoulders.

Penelope wore a leopard print dress and a choker that spelled out her name. But North West stole the show with her lime green two-piece look. Even the birthday boy Reign thought her outfit was “cool.”

There were also “merch shirts” for Reign and Saint’s birthday party. Kim showed them off on her Instagram.

“Today is Saint and Reign’s birthday party and we have merch shirts for them by Cactus and Yeezy,” the mother of three said while showing off the shirt.

The shirt is white and reads “Lucky me! It’s my birthday” on the front with a heart and the Sagittarius arrow in the middle. Both of the boys are Sagittarius’.

On the back of the shirt, it says both boys’ names and the date of their birthday party. On one sleeve has a row of smiley faces.

Reign and Saint had a joint birthday party last year too! Their 2017 birthday party was Monsters Inc. theme.

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