The Most Common Holiday Stresses & How To Survive Them

The Holiday season is now in full throttle, and you’re most likely super stressed about all of it. From Christmas shopping to attending of the holiday parties and events, it will suck all the energy out of you.

During this time you need to not stress about all the holiday activities you have to endure. You are definitely not alone if the holidays leave you feeling a bit tense. But is the middle of all this holiday extravaganza you need to take a deep breathe and manage your stress. Below is a list of five common holiday nuisances in your life and tips on how to relieve your stress and enjoy this time of the season in peace.

Hosting A Party

Well, you got stuck hosting this Christmas party this year, and you’re not excited at all about it. If you have no idea what to do or where to even start planning, it can build up to lots of stress. So if you’re hosting this year, take your planning step-by-step. Remember to take a moment and step back to breather. This doesn’t have to be an extravagant five-star party. Christmas is a lot about just spending it with the people you love the most. So as long as everyone is enjoying their time together, it doesn’t matter how fancy you make your party this holiday.

Gift Shopping

People either love to holiday shop or hate it. If you’re one of those people who hate it, don’t sweat it. If you wait to the last minute to buy all of your gifts it will most definitely stress you out. So this year don’t procrastinate! Plan ahead on what you want to buy. Do your research to find the best deals, and you can do all of that from the comfort of your bed. If you’re not a fan of the crowds when shopping, you can also just buy all your gifts online.

Being Broke AF

Maybe you’re not stressed from the actual shopping but stressed out that you don’t have any money to buy gifts. This time during the holidays is always the time where you spend all of your money. You want to give your friends and family the best gifts ever, but unfortunately, you can’t afford them during this time. One way not to stress over money is to plan all your presents early. Try to start saving money a couple months before, so that when Christmas comes around, you’ll have enough to buy all those gifts. If you don’t have any money to buy a gift, don’t feel horrible about it. It’s always the thought that counts, so get a lovely holiday card to give or you can even d-i-y a cute gift.

Not Enough Time

The time around the holidays always seems to go by in the blink of an eye. You feel like you’re running around trying to get everything done on time. You’re stressed because you don’t have any time to get anything done, Maybe you have work every day, or you’re finishing the semester and have five different finals to worry about. Through all this just remember to make time for yourself. Give time to yourself to relaxing and de-stress. If you’re having time management trouble write everything down in a planner and schedule everything out so you can be more organized.

Lack Of Sleep

Through all of the craziness the holiday season brings, you probably lack lots of sleep. You’re trying to get everything done on time, going to a million different holiday parties, and trying to spend time with the family all at the same time. Having little to no sleep will throw you off and stress you out one-hundred-percent. Remember the holidays will be over sooner than you know it and when they are you can get all the sleep you need.

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