Ombré Christmas Trees: Beautiful Photos & Where To Buy One

Christmas tree markets are filling the streets of New York City and many other cities across the nation. Now’s the time to decorate your house with all the discounted festive goods you can find! Mistletoe? Treat yo’ self! Wreaths for your one door? Treat yo’ self! Stockings for you and your 5 cats? Treat yo’ self!

Treating yo’ self to a good deal is always a delight, but don’t skimp out when it comes to the Christmas tree. Whether the tree is real or artificial, try to find the fullest looking tree to add the fullest extent of holiday cheer. You might have to make one more decision in picking out a tree with 2018’s newest holiday trend, the ombré tree.

What is The Ombré Tree?

The ombré tree has lighter tones that shade into darker tones. There’re a wide mix of colors available like black and white, blues, rose pinks, and reds. When picking your ombré tree, remember to coordinate the colors to the room and plan on which ornaments will be hung so it’s not an overwhelming mess of colors. Sold on this stylish tree trend? Find out where to buy the tree below.


Treetopia is selling this gorgeous, glittering tree for $170. It screams sophistication and festivity.


Red Tree


What better way to make add holiday cheer to a living room than with a candy cane colored Christmas tree? Hayneedle is selling this gem for $309.99.


ombre tree


This gold ombre Christmas tree is bound to spruce up your house with its festive glow. Head to Walmart and get this tree for $313.48.

Trendiest Trees

Happy holidays!

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