7 Amazing Stocking Stuffer Ideas & Deals Under $25

‘Tis the season to be jolly! And giving. It’s officially the holiday season which is bound to break the bank. You have to get gifts for your relatives, friends, mailmen, that local barista that puts up with your obnoxious coffee order every day, teachers, etc. It’s easy to not be jolly when you see your bank account draining, but imagine their faces once they receive your thoughtful gift.

It’s hard selecting the right gift for a person. If they’re an acquaintance go with something generic, but if you have a relationship with the person, put in some thought and go the extra mile. Don’t forget, some people like experiences more than gifts! You can always treat a friend to an unforgettable night like going to their favorite restaurant or play it simple and hit up the movies. It’s important to tailor the gift to the right person, but if you don’t feel like putting in the effort this year, I understand. Here are this year’s best stocking stuffers under $25!




Looking to give the gift of delightful scents? Anthropologie is the Voluspa Limited Edition Japonica Mini Candle for $10. This is the perfect gift for anybody on a budget.

Cozy Socks


Barefoot Dreams

Do you know a person who’s always complaining about cold feet? Barefoot Dreams is selling Cozychic Heathered socks for $15.

Bath Bombs


Don’t lie, everybody loves a good bath and bath bombs help make the experience more relaxing. Lush sells bath bombs ranging from $4.95-$9.95. You can mix and match by ordering online or go to your local store and pick up an affordable gift box.

Picture Frames

Glitter picture frame

Urban Outfitters

What’s a better gift than a picture of you and your BFF in a unique, bargain frame? Nothing. Urban Outfitters is having a sale where you can get 2 Instax Wide Glitter Picture Frames for $10.


Popsocket on iPhone

Urban Outfitters

There’s always that one friend in a group who constantly drops their phone. Be their savior and get them this PopSockets Fancy Snack Phone Stand from Urban Outfitters for $15.

Tasty Treats

Ginger Snaps in a tin container

World Market

‘Tis the season to gain hibernation weight! Get the $15 Nyåkers Gingersnap Tin from World Market.

Beauty Kit

Beauty Kit Items

Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn is officially having the best deal for any binge watching folk out there. The Binge Watching Beauty Kit is $22 and includes fuzzy socks, toes separators, a mini snack clip, nail buffer, and more!

Have a happy holiday!

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