Hair Color Trends 2019: Top 5 Trends According To Pinterest

Red is a tricky color when it comes to dying your hair. Depending on the current color and porosity it can be a difficult color to transition into, and can often take time. All of this is beside the fact in the past it has been an extreme change, and not everyone wants Ariel or fire engine red. On the other hand, for many women, the safest choice seems to be staying with their current color or doing a slight variation of what they already have, and any red coloration has seemed out of the realm of possibility, but this fall and even more so in 2019 all of that is about to change.

The ultimate hair color trend to keep your eye out for this fall, and will explode into the masses in 2019 is red. Wine, crimson, and auburn from solids, red-tinge highlights, balayage transitional fades, and ombre are requested by clients everywhere and seen all over Pinterest. Salon colorists like Brian K. Hawthorne, DevaCurl Devachan Hair Salon also believe that copper and auburn are the colors of fall and the hot colors are hott again for fall of 2018.

However, like any color or cut change, research is a must. Looking for inspiration via Instagram and Pinterest is a great place to start, and always keep in mind how the color would look on you and what is the best shade or tone of red transition for your current color. Most importantly, talk to your colorist, listen to their opinion, and find a good color solution. Colorist at Spoke & Weal salon in New York, Colleen Flaherty says she always sets expectations. She expounds, “Red hair tends to fade quickly based on how much you wash and how much you heat style. I make sure they understand that and let them know they should come in for a gloss to refresh the tone in-between color appointments.”

This gorgeous color may need a little TLC, but with the right amount of hair care, it is totally doable. Get inspired and find a new on-trend color look that fits you and is as unique as your hair, but College Candy will save you some time searching with our list of top trending shades of red.

Rusted Copper

Red Velvet

Red Wine

Auburn Sunset

Strawberry Blonde

When you make the color change, share these photos with your stylist and they will be sure to thank you!