Bella Hadid’s Fans Are Concerned Over Her Weight Loss Thanks To This Video

Bella Hadid is a model so her body is always going to be in the spotlight. The model has recently come under scrutiny for losing more weight, despite already being skinny. But a recent video has friends – and trolls – concerned over her weight.

A recent video from Love Magazine has sparked a messy discussion over the model’s weight. In the video, Bella does look extra slender. The video caption is a quote from Bella talking about her health. “When I felt most beautiful was in the past two years, when my health was at its best… I just felt very comfortable in the own being, instead of looking for the person I should be through others.”

This opened the floodgates for others to equate her health to her waistline. Comments like, “Her health is at its best in this video???? Interesting…,” “Extremely unhealthy message to impressionable young girls when she claims that her lifestyle for the [Victoria’s Secret Fashoin] show is healthy – she is skeletal” and “She is too thin!! You can see very bone. Can’t tell me that’s healthy.”

Seriously, the comments are a minefield.

Bella’s weight has been a hot button topic recently. Leading up to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Bella posted a photo from her fittings that also caused a backlash.

The comments were a mess and criticized Bella for being too thin and losing too much weight. She updated her caption to include, “All body types are different and react differently to a great workout routine and a healthy diet.”

There is no denying that Bella has gotten smaller recently. She credits her new fitness regime and diet for her transformation.

Bella has said time and time again that she takes care of her body and is healthy. Eating disorders are very serious and shouldn’t be thrown around lightly.¬†As long as Bella is taking care of her body then it’s nobody’s business to criticize. On the off chance that she isn’t taking care of her body, let’s hope she has the strength and support to become healthy.

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