10 Fun Holiday Things To Do With Your Mom

The holidays are in full swing, and what better way to celebrate than a girls day with the best women in our life? In no particular order, I have rounded up the best holiday activities to do with your mom that you’ll want to repeat every year.

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1. Volunteer

It’s the season for giving, and if you and your mom share an interest in a particular cause, this is a great way to get in the spirit. Whether it’s an animal shelter, food bank, retirement home or participating in a local fundraiser, everyone could use some extra love during the holiday season.

If you live in a cold climate, another great idea is putting together donation bags to pass out to the homeless with hand warmers, extra clothes you have lying around, gloves, etc.

2. Wine Tasting

Need I say more? A lot of times, local wine cellars or wineries will have great deals on tastings during this time of the year, and many include complimentary holiday treats and things like that. Take a breather from the stress of holiday planning and taste some wine with your mom!

3. Girls Night In

I know it’s below-freezing temperatures for many of us in the winter months, and sometimes that means the most appealing plans include staying in and as close to the heating vent as possible. When you catch yourself in the homebody mood, head to Pinterest for some recipe inspo and join hands in the kitchen! Whip up some dinner (maybe some cookies, too), pick a movie and cozy up. We all know meals taste better eaten on the couch. The best part about a girls night in is that you can do it how you’d like, and if Chinese takeout is more your guys’ thing– more power to you. Have an egg roll for me!

4. Gift Shopping

We all have to do it, and some of us dread it. But, it can be made more fun with a partner in crime. Giggling over all the tacky sweaters and gag gifts that fill store shelves during the holidays can be a real bonding activity. Plus, you get to hunt down the best deals together, meaning twice the brain power. You guys are going to score. Your mom might even buy you some pre-holiday gifts.

5. Hit The Bookstore

I don’t know about you, but there’s just something about going downtown, grabbing a hot drink and cozying up with a good book. If you’re an avid reader, you probably already know where the nearest bookstore is to you. Check to see if there are any local bookstore gems too, as they’ll appreciate your business during the holidays. Find the two coziest armchairs and make a night out of it.

6. Break A Sweat

We all know holiday calories don’t count, but trying new things with your mom is still fun. In this case, I’m talking about getting a good sweat in! Groupon always has great deals when it comes to workout studios, and you can also call the studio to ask about any other deals if you don’t find what you’re looking for. Many offer a free class if it’s your first time or discounted packages for new members. If working out is you and your moms’ jam, now’s the time to go to that yoga studio you’ve been dying to check out!

7. Use Winter Break To Your Advantage

You know that thing you and your mom have talked about doing forever, but keep having to put off because life gets in the way? Use the time off from work or school to finally tick it off the mom-daughter bucket list.

8. Make A Mom-Daughter Bucket List

While we’re on the subject, set aside an hour or two to make a list of things you want to do together at some point. Life can get crazy, but having some fun things in mind to do down the road will ensure they “get gotten to” at some point. You can even make it a holiday tradition, checking off one thing on the list per year!

9. Take A Class Together

Maybe it’s knitting, maybe it’s jewelry-making or maybe you’re both “okay” cooks. Whatever type of class you decide on, there’s something special about learning a new skill with your leading lady. On my mom and I’s to-do list is one of those painting classes that also serve wine. During this time of year, many of them are holiday-themed, too!  Trust me when I say there’s something for everyone. And if you do the research yourself and bring a class to her attention unexpectedly? Daughter of the year award is going straight to you.

10. The Local Market

These are common in major cities, but many smaller cities have them too! I’m from Portland, Oregon and we have something called the Saturday Market. Many cities also have a Night Market, but the idea behind both is the same. Local vendors all in one place, complete with food carts, seasonal drinks and one-of-a-kind products. There’s so much goodness to explore. Check an online events calendar for your city to see when these are happening so you can both free up a day/night.

If you’ve been wanting to plan a mother-daughter day for the holiday break, I hope the activities above have given you some inspiration. Your mom will appreciate the quality time and you taking initiative on making the plans. Sending everyone all the best this holiday season, stay warm!

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