Ariana Grande Denies Rumors That She’s Back With Her Ex-Boyfriend

Ariana Grande has some famous ex-boyfriends, Big Sean, Mac Miller and Pete Davidson. But a rumor was started that she got back together with one of her lesser-known exes, Ricky Alvarez.

The rumor started when Ariana commented on Ricky’s latest Instagram post. The photo is of Ricky wearing a mustard yellow sweater with the caption, “ready for it.”

Ariana commented, “these colors are sick.” Not even remotely flirty, but Arianotrs looked way into the comment. They immediately flooded Ricky’s comments asking if the exes were back together.

One fan commented, “What’s about you and Ariana???? We all want to know.” Ariana responded, “We’re friends everyone take a big ol breather.” followed by a black heart.

When Ariana says thank you, next she meant it! The two originally dated from 2015 to 2016 and met because Ricky was one of her backup dancers. While dating Ricky convinced Ariana to lick a donut at a donut shop. The incident became a scandal.

Ariana name drops Ricky in “Thank U, Next” and sings, “Wrote some songs about Ricky / Now I listen and laugh.”

Ariana Grande in her Thank U, Next music video playing Regina George from Mean Girls


The two are still friends despite being exes and when Ricky heard his “Thank U, Next” lyric he made a hilarious video about it. Ariana shared his video and apologized for giving him the worst lyric. The two made it clear that there is no hard feeling between the two.

But not hating each other doesn’t mean they’re back together. A comment is a comment.

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