Top 10 Beauty Questions of 2018, According To Google

Don’t know an answer? Google it. Whether it be medical symptoms, most secret questions, simply wondering a celebrity’s Instagram or trying to solve that impossible calculus problem, you google it. Can you even imagine a world without this search engine system? Cause we can’t.

Gone are the days of looking up definitions in the paperback dictionary or having to leave your house to get basic supplies. Google them and purchase! Nowadays youths live for trends, but what happens when you’re too busy with life to know the latest craze? You guessed it, google it!

Google’s great and they’ve officially released the top beauty searches of 2018.

Which Beauty Questions Made The List?

Woman with cat eye makeup on

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The top googled beauty question of the year was “how to apply magnetic lashes“, which is for a good reason. Magnetic lashes are tough. Seriously, don’t try to apply these things unless you have an extra hour to try and perfect the application.

Other questions included the following:

  • What is a lash lift?
  • How to remove individual eyelashes?
  • What hair color looks best on me?
  • How to do a cat eye?
  • How to take off makeup without makeup wipes
  • How to apply aloe vera
  • How to glue down eyebrows
  • How to fix cakey makeup
  • What concealer to use?

Helpful Answers To Beauty Questions

curled eyelashes zoomed in on a woman's blue eye


If you’re wondering what a lash lift is, look no further, it’s a keratin treatment done on natural eyelashes. Sounds pretty posh to me.

Removing individual eyelashes is just as easy as the application! Simply, pour an oil-based makeup remover on a cotton ball to get the lashes free. This will make the fake eyelashes unusable.

Trying to decide what hair color looks best on you? You can pull anything off! But if you don’t believe me, consult your hairdresser and go over the best options.

Doing a cat-eye is like doing a second graders science fair project. You need steady hands and odd supplies like scotch tape, eyeliner, a piece of paper or business card, and cotton buds. Good luck.

Removing makeup without makeup wipes might be the easiest question on here, pour makeup remover on some cotton round and wipe the makeup off. Bam.

Applying aloe vera merely involves washing your hands and applying this over the affected area.

Happy googling!

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