The Best Kardashian Christmas Decorations Throughout The Years

Christmas is a big deal in the Kardashian-Jenner family. The family goes all out for the holiday season and Kris Jenner notoriously throws an extravagant Christmas Eve party.

We all can’t live our decadent Christmas decoration fantasy, so living through the Kardashian-Jenner’s is the next best thing.

Check out Kim Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner and Kris Jenner’s Christmas decorations and Christmas trees throughout the years.

Kylie Jenner


Kylie revealed that her Christmas decorations this year are going to be all gold. In an Instagram video, she shared her enormous gold tree in her foyer.

The family’s go-to florist Jeff Leatham designed and decorated the ginormous gold tree.

Kylie Jenner’s Christmas decorations didn’t stop at her huge tree in her foyer. She showed off her couch with seasonal pillows. In the background, you can see another Christmas tree that is lit up and garland.

Instagram @KylieJenner

Kylie decked out her dining room with pink elves and gold ornaments.

Instagram @KylieJenner

Kylie gave fans a glimpse at Stormi’s white stocking and another Christmas tree. The tree is bare with just classic colored Christmas lights. Her fireplace is covered in garland, lights and enormous golden ornaments.¬†She also has slender reindeer sculptures.

Instagram @KylieJenner


Kylie went all pink and frosty for Christmas 2017. Kylie shared a snap of her elegant tree on Instagram.

Jeff Leatham also created this magical tree. According to Kylie’s Instagram, the tree is 20 feet tall!

Kylie was hiding her pregnancy during this holidays so she didn’t share any photos from Christmas day or her mother Kris Jenner’s annual Christmas party.


Kylie Jenner shared snaps of her cute Christmas tree from 2015. Her tree is frosted over similar to her 2017 tree.

The tree featured dainty lights and mostly silver ornaments with a touch of gold. Her table’s centerpiece featured a white bark candle holder.


Kylie shared a throwback of herself and sister Kendall Jenner in front of their Christmas tree growing up.

The tree is a classic family Christmas tree.

Kim Kardashian


Kim hosted the family’s annual Christmas Eve party and went full winter wonderland. She had her entire house covered in fake snow, a lighted walkway and a white on white party tent.

Kim even made a fake sledding hill in her backyard!


In 2017, Kim decked out her house but didn’t share snaps of it. One of the only videos we have is from Khloe.

Khloe filmed herself driving up to Kim’s house. Kim’s gates were decorated with lights and wreaths.


Kim decked out her house in string lights. She had the lights hanging vertically off her house making it look like it was stripped in Christmas lights.

In the family’s 2017 Christmas episode, Kim went in on Kourtney for copying her house lights.

Inside Kim had a massive tree that was frosted over and featured a bunch of twinkling traditional Christmas lights. She didn’t put any ornaments on her tree, making it look very chic and minimalist.

Kris Jenner


In 2017 Kris Jenner opted for rainbow themed Christmas decorations. Kim shared a video of Kris’ decorations, which featured her life-sized nutcrackers and red bear statue.

Instead of having one massive tree Kris had four regular sized trees in her foyer.

Even the outside tent, where Kris’ Christmas Eve party takes place was decked out in rainbow lights.

The decorations for her living room are very similar to her 2016 decorations. Instead of the white ball garland, she had a garland with Christmas lights.


In 2016, Kris and her loyal florist Jeff Leatham went all out for her candy cane themed Christmas. She shared the decorations with Architectural Digest.

In the video, Kris takes you on a tour of her Christmas decorations. The entryway to her home was lined with six life-size nutcrackers. next to her giant Christmas tree was a red polar bear sculpture. Next to the giant Christmas tree are two smaller trees.

While the front room was red and white, the living room was white. The living room featured three white reindeers, fuzzy white stockings and white ball garland.


In 2015 Kris also had a candy theme Christmas tree, except this time without the red bear.

Kendall shared the family’s stockings at Kris’ house. The stockings are all done by needlepoint and are super intricate.


Kris Jenner went full tradition Christmas glam in 2014. Of course, her entryway was protected by her life-size nutcrackers. Her stairs, doorway and pathway were lined with garland, Christmas lights and shiny red ornaments. Her huge Christmas tree was covered in classic lights and neutral colored ornaments.

Kendall shared this snap from her mother’s Christmas Eve party of Santa by another Christmas tree. This tree isn’t in the main foyer, but still follows the theme of gold ornaments and classic lights.

Khloe shared a snap of the outside venue at Kris’ Christmas Eve party. The tent was lined with red lights, a bold contrast to her traditional decorations inside.


In 2013 Kris stuck with the traditional decorations. Kris added red Christmas ornaments to her tree to bring more festivity to her house.

During Kris’ annual Christmas Eve party she decked the tent out in tradition Christmas lights.


Kris’ 2012 Christmas tree featured huge red and white ornaments. Her stairways were decked out with lighted garland and big red bows.

Kendall shared a snap of the decorations in the kitchen, which is rare! Kris decked out her kitchen with lighted garland, pinecones and Santa figures.

Kourtney Kardashian


Instagram @KourtneyKardash

On Instagram, Kourtney shared her Christmas decorations. In her foyer, she put up her standard two large Christmas trees. Kourtney was unsure how to decorate and shared her two different trees with her fans.

The first tree was white and red ornaments with gold garland. The second tree was exactly the same but without the red ornaments.

Instagram @KourtneyKardash

In her video, you say a glimpse of her other decorations. She had white polar bear statues and her presents were wrapped in brown packaging and green bows.


Kourtney did her classic two Christmas trees in her foyer and shared a shot that showed the third tree. It’s hard to see the details in the decorations. Thankfully she shared a video decorating the trees.

The ornaments she used are gold and silver and lots of Christmas lights.


In 2016, Kourtney shared her Christmas decorations with Vogue and her app. She had a total of five trees in her house. She shared one of the trees in Reign Disick’s room. The tree was similar to a Charlie Brown tree and featured animal ornaments.

The tree in Mason Disick’s room had a white fur tree covering and fun red ornaments.

The Christmas tree in Penelope Disick’s room featured pink, purple and blue ornaments and a white fur covering like Mason’s.

Kourtney decked out her foyer in her two standard Christmas trees. She showed one of her trees. IT featured white and black ornamented and presents wrapped in white and black wrapping paper.


In 2015, Kourtney decked out her two trees in lights and pink, gold and silver ornaments. Her middle table was covered in huge white candles.

The family celebrated Christmas morning at Kourtney’s house. Khloe shared a photo of her and Mason from Christmas morning.

After a crazy Christmas morning, Kourtney posted a photo of the aftermath. So many presents and so many trees.


Kourtney shared a snap of her trees before they were decorated. Her middle table also had a set of mini Christmas trees.

Kourtney posted a photo of the finished tree. The tree featured lights and pink ornaments. In her post, she tagged Bradley Kenneth McPeek who did most of the decorating for her.

Khloe Kardashian


In 2017 Khloe spent the holidays in Cleveland, Ohio and decked out her house in the midwest.

She documented decorating her house on Snapchat. The decorations for her trees were gold and silver. The big Christmas tree she placed in the corner of the floor to ceiling windows facing Lake Erie.


Khloe also spent Christmas 2016 in Cleveland. The big tree featured gold and silver ornaments and moving white reindeers.

The reindeers match the ones that her mother Kris has.

She also decorated the fireplace with garland and huge white candles. They also decorated the outside of the house in string lights.

Kendall Jenner


Kendall shared a snap of her Christmas tree on Instagram. This is Kendall’s first Christmas in her new home. Kendall kept in classic and decorated her tree with silver and gold ornaments and lights. SHe also placed lighted garland around her fireplace.


In 2017 Kendall shared a snap of a tree on her Instagram. It’s uncertain whose tree this belongs too, but we are going to give credit to Kendall because she posted it.


Kendall kept her 2016 Christmas tree nice and simple. She got a frosted tree and decorated it with white matt ornaments. The tree featured very few lights. It popped against her pink wall.


In 2015, Kendall shared a snap of her Christmas tree shopping. The trees she loves the most were mini!

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