WATCH: Bellport High School Student Body-Slams Teacher

Sitting in class can bring up a wide range of feelings, from tiredness to curiosity to anger. I mean, who hasn’t fallen asleep in a class, right? Let’s face the fact, the war of 1812 is only so interesting. When subjects come along that students love, such as anatomy and literary analysis, a sense of curiosity comes alive and students begin to raise hands.

Lately, students are beginning to show a darker side, anger. From setting off stink bombs to spelling out racial slurs, youths are rising up. A high school student took his rage out on his teacher in the most outrageous way, he body-slammed the instructor.

Get Ready To Rumble

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On December 12, 2018, a student at Bellport High School, located in Brookhaven, New York, picked up a teacher, threw him over his head, and slammed him to the ground.

According to News 12, students report that a classmate started to make fun of the substitute teacher. The educator responded by throwing a piece of paper at the student, which led to the shocking incident.

The video, taken by a student on a cell phone, shows a classmate picking up the teacher and the two of them falling to the ground. The school denied commenting on whether or not an action was being taken against the student or teacher.

The teacher, nicknamed Shaggy after the character from “Scooby Doo”, commented, “I pleaded with the school today but they told me to go home like a little baby.”

Other Incidents At High School

On December 7, 2018, the Bellport High School was forced to issue a warning that a faculty member had been diagnosed with rubella. Rubella, nicknamed German measles, is a contagious disease that causes a rash, fever and eye redness.

News 12 reported that the classroom where the teacher primarily taught was quarantined.


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