15 Fun Snow Day Ideas Only Grown-Ups Will Love

It’s all too familiar in winter: you get a day off from either work or school, and yet you are also stuck indoors because of that latest snowstorm, bitterly cold polar vortex or gloomy rain. But it doesn’t need to be an all-day drag when there are many fun activities at hand. You should view it as a fun and exciting day, just with a grown-up twist. A snow day is also an unexpected day off, so give yourself a day and have a little fun!

Happy Hour

'Mean girls' mother brings out cocktails


Just use this lazy day to whip up an exotic cocktail, a favorite glass of wine, or a delicious hot cocktail to enjoy. You may also make some delicious appetizers for your very own happy hour.

Personalized Hot Bath

'Friends' Chandler taking a bath


Get your magazine, candles, and music ready. And try to make the bath as relaxing and wonderful as possible. This is also a perfect way to warm up.

Make A Spiked Hot Chocolate

Pouring hot chocolate


A cup of hot chocolate is the perfect match for a freezing day. And what better way to passive-aggressively combat old man winter than to sit around with a warming mug of hot chocolate? No, wait, scratch that. There IS a better way. Add some booze to that hot chocolate!

Make An Awesome Breakfast

Chipmunk waiting to eat pancakes with whipped cream


Time to step it up from the on-the-run breakfast you usually have and make some French toast, bacon, or eggs to enjoy. Or try something different but easy.

Tackle Your DIY Project

'Friends' Phoebe makes scarf


Get online for some DIY ideas. Whether it’s for a holiday present or basic home decor, you now have the day to yourself to tackle them.

Have A Back-A-Thon

Blow off flour while baking


Have fun experimenting with some fun and easy candy or cookie recipes that you or the whole family can take part in. You can also make your candy into little gifts to give out later.


Man reads next to the fireplace


Preferably by a big fireplace. Get cozy!

Online Shopping

Man goes online shopping & demands stuff


Put the extra time you have today to playing grown-up dress-up. Try out some new combos, and put together outfits for upcoming events!

Build A Snowman

Anna from 'Frozen': Do you wanna build a snowman


If you get cooped up in the house, get out to your backyards or on the street to build a snowman! Who says you have to be in middle school to have fun in the snow?

Make A Ginat Pot Of Soup

'Bruce Almight' Jim Carrey 'splits'  a bowl of soup


Nothing says snow day like a bowl of soup. Check out some simple recipes and put them together with what you already have at home.


Baby collapses and falls asleep


Sleep in or take a nap in the middle of the day, just because you can.


Corgi spits its legs


If you feel like getting productive, do your own mini at-home workout using weights, a program online, or a workout DVD to get that much-needed exercise.

Popcorn & Movie Day

Woman watches movie while eating popcorn


Sort of a given on any winter day, but pop up some popcorn and get comfy on the couch with your favorite movie(s).

Video Game Marathon

'Cartoon Network': A bird & raccoon video gaming


Anyone into gaming probably doesn’t need a snow day excuse to play, but a day stuck inside provides a wonderful opportunity for a video game marathon.

Get Your Nails Done

Ariana Grande doing her nails


You could just make the whole day a “spa” day if you want.

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