Top 10 Signs That Your Relationship Won’t Work Out

If you’ve just started a new relationship, chances are that you’re loving every second of the time spent with your boo. However, it can be easy to get swept up in the excitement of a fresh connection and overlook potential signs of disaster. Don’t ignore any red flags that pop up, for they could be indicators of an even bigger problem that could render you incompatible with your current partner. To save you from heartbreak down the road, here are some of the best signs to know that this relationship isn’t the one.

10. You Can’t Relax Around Him

If you’re always on edge or feel like you have to put on a performance or fill a role when you’re around your partner, chances are that the relationship won’t last. To put this to the test, see if you can hang out in silence with them, or do work in the same room as him without trying to impress anyone.

9. You Always Disagree On What To Do

This isn’t always a deal-breaker, but if you can’t agree on activities or places to go often, it’ll certainly put a damper on things. If he’s never interested in doing the same things as you, it’s a good sign that he’s not invested in the relationship.

8. You Don’t Have The Same Expectations Regarding Sex

If you’d rather take things slow, but your new beau is hitting you up every weekend for a booty call, the odds are slim that he’s the right person for you.

7. Communication Feels Forced

If it feels like your partner is never listening to you or tuning you out, they probably are. Conversation with someone is meant to be fun, natural, and definitely not one-sided.

6. You Like The Idea Of Dating Someone More Than You Like Dating Him

You might be in love with the idea of a relationship, rather than your partner. Just because you’re in a relationship, doesn’t mean that it’s “the one” or the healthiest for you. Focus on if you and your partner work together rather than the label.

5. You Feel Pressured To Make Time For Each Other

Hanging out with your partner at pre-decided times, or getting annoyed when he tries to do something spontaneous or cancels on plans could be a sign that you’re not ready for a relationship. With a partner you’re truly compatible with, you won’t be afraid to share more of your time with them.

4. He’s Not Interested In Letting You Meet His Friends

Similar to the point above, if your partner isn’t interested in sharing his life outside of the relationship with you, then he’s definitely not interested in a long-term commitment.

3. Thinking About Your Future Together Isn’t Exciting

If picturing your future with your current partner makes you cringe, it’s a clear sign that he’s not the one for you. Sharing a future with your boyfriend should make you happy and excited if you’re truly interested in pursuing something serious with them.

2. You’re Embarrassed To Tell Your Friends About Him

If you’re keeping your relationship a secret instead of sharing it with your friends and family, you might realize that they would disapprove. Having a partner that you’re proud to show off (and who is happy to meet everyone) is a great sign that the relationship could go the distance.

1. He Makes You Anxious

If the thought of spending time with your partner gives you anxiety, then why are you with him in the first place? Anxiety is a general indicator that you’re uncomfortable with something, and you should never put yourself in a situation where you feel uncomfortable with your partner.

Know of any other relationship red flags that we missed? Let us know in the comment section!