Dying Man Leaves Behind Christmas Gifts For His Favorite Neighborhood Child

December is a month for festivity and merry when preparing for the upcoming holidays. Catching flights home to see loved ones while planning gifts that scream unique thoughtfulness. Once you finally get home to your childhood town nostalgia is bound to set in from previous celebrations and life achievements. Go home, ring the doorbell and start trimming the tree! You can’t trim the tree without drinking winter’s best treat, hot chocolate. It’s the holidays, which means it’s time to put on some hibernation weight! Treat yo’ self to that second glass.

The holidays are a time where the heart feels content while your eyes take in the beauty of the season. It’s a heart happy time, but this latest story might be the most heartwarming story of 2018. An elderly man passed away and left his neighbor’s daughter 14 years worth of Christmas presents. Grab the tissues cause this is an emotional rollercoaster.

Everlasting Gifts

Ken, an elderly English man in his 80s who resided in Barry, Vale of Glamorgan in the United Kingdom, recently passed away. Ken lived near the Williams family, consisting of Owen, his wife Caroline, and their two-year-old daughter Cadi, for the last two years. Owen and Ken would joke about Ken living to 100 years-old so he could give Cadi a gift each year until her 16th birthday.

Unfortunately, he passed away well before 100, but the idea of lasting gifts didn’t. The Williams family was shocked when they opened their door to see Ken’s daughter delivering a big plastic sack containing everything her father put away for Cadi.

In an interview with BBC News, Owen said, “I brought it back in and my wife was on FaceTime to her mum in Ireland. My wife started to tear up and I started to tear up, and her mum started to tear up.”

Owen has only opened one gift so far and plans to keep the rest wrapped until each Christmas for the next 13 years.

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