The 10 Gift-Worthy Holiday Candles You Should Buy

Over blase and boring candles? Stop gifting loved ones the same old, tired candles. As funny as The Christmas Candle SNL skit is don’t be the girl re-gifting an old, dusty candle found in the closet. Your friends and family deserve better than that. This list has a fragrance and a style for an assortment of preferences from soy-based candles, to fruity scents, to sweeter rich nodes, and oaky, earthy delights. These candles will re-awaken senses and be the talk of the holiday party.

Signature Home Collection: Bamboo Sugar Cane

White TRAPP candle with house shaped packaging next to it.

This candle’s fragrance is one-of-a-kind, calming yet simultaneously invigorating. It’s sure to give each room a clean and refreshing aroma that lasts with it’s long-lasting burn time.

$29 at TRAPP Candles

“Harlem’s Finest” – Set Of 4 Mini Luxury Candles

Green, red, white, and black candles sitting in from of a black rectangle box with the Harlem logo.

This Harlem candle set features their most popular scents including Lenox, Josephine, Ellington, and Holiday. Lenox has a sweet, floral scent that’s reminiscent of the flower shops along Harlem’s heartbeat. Josephine has an elegant and lavish smell that screams glamor inspired by the famous African American 1920s jazz age showgirl from Saint Louis who became a star in Paris, Josephine Baker. Ellington is influenced by Duke Ellington’s vibrant musical arrangements. Holiday’s scent is remindful of famous jazz artist Billie Holiday’s favorite perfume fragrance. Additionally, the glass holders are luxurious and reusable, and all burn for 80 hours.

$80 at Harlem Candle Co.

Glee Candle: Balsam & Berries

Teal tribal print candle next to the green packaging labeled Balsam & Berries.

The spirit of the holidays is captured in this candle whimsical fruity and herbal candle. Its base notes of dark balsam, cinnamon, and cedar are vibrant without being overpowering and are paired delightfully with its sweeter, floral middle notes of rosemary and sugar currant and tart mandarin top note. And wrapping is made easy with its festive and decorative packaging, which is perfect for holiday gift giving.

$17 at Paddy Wax

Host With The Most Mini Giftset

Three mason jar candles in front of a rectangle cardboard minimalist box packaging.

P.F. Candle Co.’s owner’s favorite winter fragrances are all packaged in one refreshing holiday set. Make the house feel like home next holiday party with Sandalwood Rose, Black Fig, and Pinon soy-based, travel-friendly candles.

$32 at P.F. Candle Co.

Old Fashioned From The Otherland Holiday Collection

Ornate decorative Art Deco style black candle sitting in front of a pile of books.

This candle is Don Draper-approved with the ultimate classy combination of aged bourbon, tobacco leaf, and dried fruit notes with a coconut soy blend wax base. This dashing scent is sure to last the whole soiree with a 55 hour burn time.

$36 at Otherland

Redwood, Cedar Stack, And ST. Al Votive Set

Three Boy Smells candles with a pink label sitting next to each other.

Boy Smells is known for breaking binary gender rules with their playful, organic candles, and this set is no different. Romance reaches new heights with this travel-sized votive candle set from Boy Smells, which are earthy and full of fairytale woodland dreams with Cedar Stack, Redwood, and St. Al scents.

$44 at Boy Smells

Limited Edition Crushed Candy Cane 3 Wick Candle In Decorative Tin

Voluspa candy cane candle with red and white candy cane striped packaging.
Candy cane cookie deliciousness is encompassed in Voluspa’s delectable limited edition candle. This mindfully made candle is sustainable, cruelty-free testing, and made in the USA, as well as free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and pesticides. The festive, striped tin’s lid is designed to help prevent dust from settling on the candle and can also be used to snuff out the flame, but otherwise, the candle’s burn time is about 40 hours.

$22 at Voluspa

Le Feu Marron: Amber

Le Feu D Marron Candle with a wood burnished holder with a plain box packaging sitting next to the candle.

This hand-crafted, soy-based candle was melded underwater and stirred with custom-made scents of amber, myrrh, sandalwood, vanilla, patchouli, and resin, and burns for 80 hours.

$65 at Le Feu De L’Eau

The KOBO Collection’s Warm Embers

Society Warm Embers candle sitting next to packaging on a shelf.

Cozy up with this inviting wintery candle with scents of ember, ash, and firewood. It burns for 80 hours and can be extinguished with the hat box style lid, and is paired with custom-designed matches.

$38 at Society

Holo Anthurium

Holo Anthurium candle in a prism, iridescent candle holder.

Who could not use some summery prismatic warmth amidst the wintry weather? This OVEROSE candle can be burned year-round and is infused with free-spirited floral scents including rose petal, black currant, caladium leaves, and fresh lychee.

$68 at OVEROSE

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