Kim Kardashian’s Holiday Glam Beauty Look Is A Crazy 30 Steps Long

Kim Kardashian is the latest Celebrity on Vogue‘s Beauty Secrets series. Kim, while in her bathroom, shows viewers how to achieve a “viral holiday glam” beauty look. She uses a mix of her own KKW Beauty products and high-end beauty products.

Unlike her other tutorials, Kim is the one doing her makeup. She typically has her trust makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic beating her face, but for this tutorial, it’s all her.

This makeup tutorial isn’t a quick one. Kim’s beauty routine is 31 steps and has 20 plus products.

Here’s a step-by-step break down of Kim’s look.

1. Moisturize

Kim starts with some moisturizer. She rubs the product on the lower half of her face and her neck. “Even if I already moisturized for the day I put on moisturizer again just, I don’t know, I like an oily slip for the foundation,” the reality star states.

2. Foundation

Kim then applies La Mer foundation with a dual-ended IT Cosmetics foundation brush. She then switches over to an old MAC kabuki brush.

“You guys don’t even understand this brush is maybe 12-years old. I think I got this in college,” she said about the MAC brush. “It is so damaged. MAC please continue to make the 180. They discontinued this maybe seven years ago.”

Kim puts her foundation on the top of her hand and then blends it all over her face, including her eyelids.

3. Eyebrows

Kim has strong, dark and shapely brows already. She just brushes the hairs out with her Anastasia Beverly Hills spoolie.

4. Conceal

She then applies concealer to her undereyes and high points of her face. Kim uses her concealer from her KKW Beauty line. She packs the concealer on under eyes, a bit down the side of her nose, the center of her forehead and a bit on the outer corners of her lips.

5. Blend

Kim then wets a beauty sponge with a Tatcha face mist to blend out her concealer. “When you are a mom you have no time to blend like this, so unless I have work and I’m getting my makeup and hair done I do not have time to blend all day.”

She then takes the extra product left on the sponge to go over her eyelids and lips.

6. Bake

Kim takes the number 2 baking powder from KKW Beauty. She packs the pinky translucent powder underneath her eyes with a beauty sponge.

“I love how baking looks. I swear I could go out like this,” Kim says while pursing her lips. She says she bakes every time she wears makeup.

7. Contour

After baking, Kim does her cream contour with her KKW Beauty contour sticks. She places a line underneath her cheekbones and on her jawline.

Kim also contours her lips. She rims her lips with the cream contour to make them pop and look fuller. “You can’t get it too high up or it will look like you have a mustache.”

8. More Contour

Kim switches to a darker contour stick for her forehead. She lines the perimeter of her forehead with the darker product.

“I don’t know why, I just love a really dark forehead,” Kim says.

9. Blend

Kim then blends in all of her contouring with a sponge and then goes back in with her MAC kabuki brush.

10. Powder

After blending is the powder. Kim dips back into the powder she used earlier from baking to powder her whole face. She uses a flat looking sponge to powder her face. Kim points out that her “problem area” is her smile lines that are from her nose to her mouth.

“If I don’t have that powdered, oh my God, I can look like I have lined like you guys don’t understand.”

11. Bake

Off camera, Kim bakes her cheekbones underneath her contour.

12. Blend

Kim uses a fluffy brush to blend her contour more. It’s unsure if the brush has any product on it. Kim uses the brush to make a number three motion along the sides of her face.

13. Remove Bake

With a fluffy flat brush, Kim brushes off the excess powder from her face. She doesn’t remove the bake from her undereye though.

14. Eyeshadow

With her KKW Beauty Glam Bible palette, Kim applies the matte light gray color to her eyelids. Using a MAC eyeshadow brush, Kim applies the color starting at the inner part of her eye blending out. Before applying the color she blows the excess product off the brush.

15. Eyebrow Highlight

Using the lightest color from the palette, Kim highlights underneath her brow bone. She also brings that color down to surround the outer corner of her gray shadow.

16. Undereye

Kim smokes out her undereye with the same matte gray color form her palette. Kim uses a flat eye brush to carry the color from her inner corner and out.

17. Liquid Shadow

Kim uses a liquid metallic eyeshadow from Stila for the center of her eye. She applies the bronzey color in a streak down the middle of her eyelid and then smokes it out with her finger.

18. Glitter Shadow

Using her finger, Kim goes back to her Glam Bible palette to use the sparkly silver color. She places that color over the Stila liquid shadow.

“This color is a really pretty goldish-greenish, almost, and with the rose gold underneath it’s really, really pretty,” Kim said while applying the shadow.

19. Eyeliner

Kim grabs the KKW Beauty black eyeliner for her lower waterline.

20. Lash Curler

Kim goes in with a lash curler to turn her lashes up and out. She gets so close to the lashline that every makeup artist is always impressed.

“These are my lashes. Everyone thinks I have lash extensions, but I don’t,” Kim says while pulling her lashes proving her point.

21. Mascara

Using two mascaras, Kim coats her natural lashes in black mascara.

“My two favorite mascaras in the entire world are Lancome Hypnose Doll Lash,” Kim states. “Or Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes.”

She then coats one eye in Lancome and the other in Charlotte Tilbury to finally get to the bottom of which she likes more. She coats her top and bottom lashes.

22. Lash Separator

“Ulta Beauty has this lash separator,” Kim says while using the tool to separate her lashes.

23. Remove Bake

With a small brush, Kim brushes off what is left of her undereye bake.

24. Brighten

Kim then brightens her undereye with her KKW Beauty undereye brightening powder. She says this powder gets rid of her Armenian dark undereyes and that she “couldn’t live without it.”

25. Lip Liner

With a dark KKW BEauty liner, Kim lines her pout. She purposely fills in her cupid’s bow instead of having it defined. She places the liner on the inner corners of her lips as well and blends inwards with her finger.

26. Lipstick

Kim then goes in with Classic Icon 2 lipstick from KKW Beauty.

27. Blush

With a huge fluffy brush, Kim applies NARS Orgasm blush to her cheeks.

28. More Contour

With a small fluffy brush, Kim contours her nose. She goes along the side of her nose, underneath and a little over the bridge. She credit Youtuber Nikki Tutorials for teaching her the nose bridge contour trick.

29. Highlighter

Kim goes in with the highlighter palette from Kylie Cosmetic’s Kris Jenner collection. With a tapered brush, Kim mixes a few highlighters and places the produce on her cheekbone, nose and upper lip.

30. More Lipstick

Kim decided her lipstick was too dark and layers her Nude 1 lipstick over top. She uses her finger to blend the two shades together.

31. Gloss

Then Kim goes in with some gloss to tie the look together.

Watch the full tutorial below:

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