5 Fun Ways To Spend New Year’s Eve Without Going Out

When it comes to New Year’s Eve, it’s the holiday where everyone gets dressed up super fancy, goes out to the clubs and bars to dance the night away. But what if you’re not into that kind of stuff? You hate dressing up, you hate crowds when going out, but you still want to enjoy the holiday like everyone else.

Well if you’re stuck in this type of situation, don’t stress it! There are plenty of things to do on New Year’ Eve that don’t involve having to go out, and they are just as fun. Here are fun and exciting things to do on New Year’s Eve if you’re planning on keeping it low key this year.

Watch The Fireworks

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One of the best parts about New Year’s Eve is watching all the fireworks go off in celebration. So grad all of your friends and gather outside to watch the sky light up with beautiful, sparkly colors. If you happen to live in an apartment or somewhere with a rooftop, then that gives you the perfect opportunity to throw a get-together and watch the magnificent fireworks.

Throw A Potluck

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A potluck is ideal if you’re not sure what to plan for a party. Have everyone bring their favorite foods to share. It allows everyone to feel apart of the celebration and leaves you to do less of the work! Everyone will be happy eating all their favorite foods while spending time with their favorite friends.

Have A Sleepover

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If you’re not into doing anything too crazy on New Year’s Eve, then invite all of your best friends over for the ultimate slumber party. Watch the ball drop on tv with some popcorn and snacks. You’d be having so much fun without leaving the couch. Plus, it would be the coziest New Year’s Eve ever.


karaoke double date ideas group date


Who doesn’t love some karaoke? Turn this New Year’s Eve into a full-on High School Musical moment by throwing a karaoke contest! Everyone can sing their favorite songs together, and the winner can choose a dessert of their choice!

Make Some Creative Cocktails

champagne toast holidays healthy drinks


Make a grand toast once the countdown to the new year begins! Have your friends bring their favorite types of drinks or liquor and crown someone the bartender of the night. Come up with festive and fun drinks to make for everyone to enjoy. You can even come up with you’re own cute and funny names for each glass you serve.

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