Holiday Beauty Looks Inspired By Your Horoscope Sign

Need help mixing up your beauty look for the next holiday party? Let the stars guide you and rock a personalized look. After all, one should never wear a beauty trend look for the sake of the trend, but instead, find one that is sure to enhance your best features and is a reflection of your inner goddess. With that said, start playing with your look and let yourself shine this holiday.


Pat McGrath Lab's MatteTrace lipstick in a fiery orange lipstick with packaging

Pat McGrath Lab

Aries is the fierce leader of the herd, and her makeup should be as epic as she is. She is a force of nature, untamed with a take-charge attitude. Fire is her element, and in the same way, her makeup should be firey, bold, and head-on. What better way to express this aspect of her personality than with Pat McGrath Lab’s MattTrance Lipstick in the fiery orange-red color, Elson 2? Elson 2 is the ultimate statement-making red that will be the focal point of the Aries makeup look and truly knows how to make an entrance.

$38 at Sephora


IT Cosmetics light, earthy pastel shadows in a silver palette case opened.

IT Cosmetics

Do not let the bull sign fool you, because Tauruses are very romantic and elegant. They are dreamers who enjoy a good, fantastical story or big gestures of love┬ásince ruled by Venus. However, they are also simultaneously very minimalistic and down-to-earth, because their element is the earth. Therefore, IT Cosmetic’s Naturally Pretty Romantics is the ideal fit for Taurus personality makeup look that’s low-key enough to show off their natural beauty and versatile enough to wear out and about and to a holiday event.

$42 at Ulta


Touch In Sol liquid glitter and foil eye shadow duo.

Touch In SOL

Geminis, the twins are not necessarily two-faced, which can often be a bad stereotype, but instead, they have two sides to their personality. They have a deep character and are empathetic and can see life multiple perspectives much like a mirror. Touch In Sol’s Metallist Liquid Foil & Glitter Eye Shadow Duo in Lana an ideal makeup product duo and creates a mirror-like image, which is the inspiration for a bright Gemini makeup look.

$12.50 at Sephora


Clinic Happy Heart rose perfume bottle


Cancer knows how to bring warmth and happiness to everyone around them. These sweet, little ocean creatures are very loving but tend to be a bit guarded. They are most certainly homebodies, yet when they do open up and explore outside of their shell, they can be vulnerable if surrounded by the right people at a holiday gathering. That is why a delightful fragrance like Clinique’s Happy Heart perfume captures their personality so well because it helps build their confidence when going out by wearing a pleasant scent and concurrently shares the love and warm-spiritedness with those who are near and dear.

$52 at Sephora


Can of IGK's pre-party glitter spray


Leo’s love attention and is the lioness that enjoys some TLC and is always the star of the show. That major star power that shines as bright as the sun should not be tamed and neither should their mane. That’s why every Leo needs IGK’s Pre-party Hair Stobing Glitter Spray to turn up to that party mode. After all, what Leo does not want a little glitter to stand-out a little more at the holiday festivities?

$16 at Sephora


Essie bottle of Clothing Optional color from their Wild Nudes Collection


Virgos are the most put-together and polished of the zodiacs. They are minimalistic in a facet of ways and often that crosses over into their beauty regimen. They may not go for a┬átrendy lip color or eye palette but will tend to stay with more classic holiday beauty look favorites. Thus they cannot go wrong with Essie’s Wild Nudes Nail Polish Collection, which has a neutral-toned color palette. These dark, rich polishes are chic color selections for the Virgo’s next pre-party mani.

$9 at Ulta


BUXOM's Big Tease Mascara, wand, and a zoomed-in picture of the brush


Flirtatious is Libra’s middle name because Venus governs this heartbreaking little minx. The scales also define this air sign since they are well-balanced with a good head on their shoulders. When attending a party, she is charming, playful, and flirting it up with her latest crush. Hence, the reason she needs Buxom’s Big Tease mascara in her life, so her mascara can match her game. She owns who she is, which that confidence is another aspect of her personality that is part of her allure.

$22 at Sephora


Kaja Mood Balm Color-changing lip moisturizer in Lat Night fuschia to pink color


Assertive, passionate, seductive, and a touch destructive are the best ways to describe a Scorpio, which makes sense because both Mars and Pluto govern them. Pluto is elusive while Mars is desirous, which combined creates a forceful zodiac. Kaja’s Mood Color Changing Lip Moisturizer is the ideal lip product for the ever-changing, complex Scorpio. It comes in fun and festive colors like Twilight-baby blue to baby pink, First Thing-orange to peach, Late Night-fuschia to pink, and Blackout-black to plum, which is all bold yet adaptable.

$14 at Sephora


Becca mini travel sized highlighter in Moonstone


The mysterious archer is a vagabond spirit who can never stay in one place for too long. The earth is their element that they love to journey across, and are quite lucky, because Jupiter, the planet of luck is the one that rules them. Becca’s mini travel-sized powder highlighter in Moonstone is a Sagittarius essential because the gold shines like their lucky fortune and it is the optimal size for when on the go or when she needs to pull it out of her purse for a light touch up at the party.

$19 at Sephora


A hand with a white nail polish and star decal manicure on a pink backdrop

Olive & June

Capricorns are definitely on the nice list! Depicted by the goat, these head-on beings are known as the ambitious, single-minded, and hard-working zodiacs. These teacher’s pets are governed by Saturn, which is the planet of restrictions, so they love to flaunt their willpower. They truly deserve a gold star for being good all year, and that includes their holiday manicure. Olive and June’s classic gold star decals add the perfect touch to the Capricorn’s polished look for their holiday outing. This beauty embellishment is classy while letting her shine without being too over the top or overstated.

$16 at Olive & June


Tin case with NYX makeup glitter with adhesive


Aquarius as an air sign who are also water bearers is a mystical and enchanting creature. The planet of independence and foresight, Uranus guides them, which causes them to be strong, open-minded free-thinkers. The NYX Sugar Trip Glitter Vault is what this outspoken, whimsical party animal needs at her next festive rager. She’s the type who believes in going big or going home and has glitter running through her veins, so what better party look than a glitter eyeshadow pigment that can double as body glitter?

$27.50 at Ulta


Lime Crime Mermaid highlighter set with a purple, gold, and light blue toned shades

Lime Crime

Pieces are the true mermaid of the zodiac squad, or otherwise identified by the fish. They are artistic, gifted visionaries navigated by Neptune, the planet of imagination and wonder. These creative geniuses need to shimmer and shine with some mermaid-worthy highlighter like this Mermaids Hi-Lite Palette.

$38 at Ulta

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