The 9 Texts Every College Freshman Receives From Parents

There is no better feeling in the world than getting accepted into the college of your dreams. You always wanted to go away for college to get some space from your parents and explore a whole new world. They are really happy for you but cannot believe the time has come. Never would they have thought that their baby was finally going to live on their own for four years! In their eyes, you are still that first grader who showed up to school in pigtail braids and butterfly clips (remember when those were a thing?).

It is understandable for your parents to text you 24/7 the first week you move in. They will be wondering how you are doing, have you made any new friends, and if you remembered to brush your teeth. You might think your mom will be the overbearing one, but deep inside, your dad is freaking out too. That long hug and kiss right before he leaves you to be on your own will be very telling, trust me.

We all love our parents and couldn’t thank them enough for this opportunity to actually go away for college. This is the first step to becoming an adult, which is why they will bombard you with text messages. Don’t think you can get away without answering because they will just embarrass you more by contacting your roommate who you just met asking if you are okay (this actually happened to me)! Here are nine relatable text messages that every new freshman gets from their parents the first week of college.

1. “How Are You? Made Any New Friends?”

Making friends is the first step of a successful and fun first semester of college. It is probably the best sign for your parents to make sure you are doing alright and enjoying yourself. All they want is the best for you and that includes making friends for life. Once you tell your parents your new besties’ names, don’t be surprised if they friend them on Facebook!

2. “Have You Been Doing Your Laundry?”

Ah, the classic “have you been doing your laundry?” text. You probably already have a mountain piling up in your room, right? I won’t lie, it is a mission to go to the basement of your building with your giant bag of dirty clothes when you are living on the fourth floor.

When you do decide to do your laundry, try to plan it with friends to make it a fun task and go out for a treat to make the time pass by. Or you could always get a laundry service, that works too.

3. “Are You Coming Home Soon? I Miss You.”

Don’t find this text as a shock the first week of moving in. Your parents will be wondering if you are coming home before the holidays, and if you’re not, don’t be surprised if they pop up in your dorm room because they miss you that much.

4. “Good Morning Sunshine! Have A Great Day And Go Gators!”

I went to college at the University of Florida, so a “go Gators!” text was a ritual for my parents. Every morning when I woke up, I would receive a good morning text alongside with something about the Gators. I thought it was pretty funny how they were trying to be school spirited but cute too. It just shows how supportive parents could be!

5. “How Are You Doing? Call Me After Class.”

Do you really think your parents don’t know your schedule by heart? They probably have it printed out and on the refrigerator for that matter. In fact, they probably know your schedule better than you know it. If you do forget what you have after biology, you can count on your parents to remind you that your English class starts in 10 minutes.

I wouldn’t call it overprotective because it just shows how much they care about you and your success in college. Don’t be so hard on your parents when you are away, especially the first week. It’s not only an adjustment for you, but it is an adjustment for them too. They just want the best for you!

6. “Talk? Or Studying?”

I kid you not, I got this text every day from my dad the first week I moved in. It made no sense because who is studying the first week of college?! I’m still trying to learn where my classes are. I guess you can say I was studying my campus map so I wouldn’t get lost. I guess that had to count, right?

7. “Do You Like Your Comforter? How Is Your Roommate?”

Your mom is probably worried about your sleeping situation because you are sleeping in a new bed in a room with a stranger you just met. You are going to try to calm her down and say the comforter is great and your roommate is nice, and hopefully she will listen to you. Don’t be surprised if she sends you a new comforter to test out because she thinks the one you got at Bed, Bath & Beyond isn’t good enough.

8. “Did You Wear That Shirt I Got You Yet?”

Nothing shows school spirit more than wearing school apparel the first week. Your parents probably bought the whole school store when they came to move you in. Let alone the matching shirts they bought for the whole family to rock. Your parents have the right to be proud of you and show off what school you go to. Don’t be alarmed when they ask you to take a selfie with the new college shirt they bought you to wear on the first day of school.

9. “Did You Know (Insert Random Fact Here) About Your School?”

You really think your parents didn’t do their research when you got accepted to your dream school? They probably know every fact known to man about your school’s history, so they should be the first people you contact if you want to know a little bit more about where you are going to school.