Top 10 Signs Your Boyfriend Wants To Move In With You

In any long-term relationship, there comes a point in time where you’ll probably be looking to start living together. Before you start looking for apartments to rent, however, it’s important to have a conversation with your partner to make sure you’re both on the same page. While you could wait for your boyfriend to ask you outright, he might be projecting some subtle signs that he’s ready for that next step. Here are the top 10 signs to look for that let you know your boyfriend is so ready to live with you.

10. He’s Realized That You Have The Comfier Bed

If your boyfriend is spending more time in your bed than his own, the comfiness of your bed might be playing a factor. When you move in and combine furniture, he’ll have access to you and your bed full time, which is a win-win.

9. He’s Tired Of Living With Roommates

Sharing a living space with a single roommate can become tiresome, but if your boyfriend is living with more than one it could definitely drain his energy. A serious relationship calls for privacy, which isn’t always an option when meeting in a shared space with roommates.

8. He’s Over Your Place All The Time Anyway

Your boyfriend might be staying at your place more often than his own anyway, so moving in together would make a lot of sense, and shorten his commute time to you.

7. His Clothes Have Taken Over Your Closet

It’s normal to leave clothing or small items over at your partner’s place in a serious relationship. However, if you have more of his clothes in your closet than your own, he might be hinting at sharing closet space full-time.

6. He’s Acting Like A Realtor

If the conversations that you’re having with your boyfriend start to sound like excerpts from Million Dollar Listing, it’s likely that your boyfriend has done his research and is ready and willing to commit to a move.

5. He Knows That Your Lease Is Up Soon

If your boyfriend is well aware that your lease ends soon, and is constantly dropping hints that there’s room for you at his place, he’s ready to live with you full-time.

4. He’s Become A Neat Freak

If your boyfriend’s gone from leaving his dirty dishes and clothes in piles to vacuuming and organizing his closet, chances are that he’s trying to prove his worth as a good roommate and give you a good reason to move in together.

3. He House Hunts In Front Of You

Leaving tabs open to Zillow or StreetEasy could be your boyfriend’s way of letting you know that he’s committed to finding a place where the two of you can take your relationship to the next level.

2. He Comments On T.V. Living Spaces

If your boyfriend suddenly starts mentioning how nice the apartments or living spaces look in the shows you watch together, it’s likely that he’s thinking about combining your homes into one.

1. He Asks For Your Input When Buying Large Items

Asking you for advice on a furniture purchase could be your boyfriend’s way of seeing if you’d like it in a future shared apartment.

Look for signs that you’re boyfriend is showing these tips to tell if he’s interested in moving in together!