5 Tips How To Get A New Year’s Eve Kiss When You’re Single

Being single and ready to mingle is nothing to be ashamed of, in fact, it’s great! You don’t have to tell anybody if you decide to spontaneously travel to China, can go out to the best clubs until they turn the lights on, and you get to buy yourself the best Valentine’s Day gifts for yourself. Yes, I’ve spontaneously traveled across the world to China, stayed out late, and bought myself a box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day. No shame. The single life is great. Well, until the holidays. Who isn’t a sucker for the fairytale Christmas themed rom-coms that hit theaters every year?

Once Christmas is over, the holiday dating nightmare continues. New Year’s Eve is the last straw in the realm of mindlessly scrolling through Instagram to only see happy couples. Thankfully, it’s easy enough to make plans for ringing in the new year whether you’re riding solo or with your adorable partner. If you’re riding solo like me, here are the best tips to finding a last-minute New Year’s Eve kiss.

1. Longtime Crush


Have you had a crush on someone for a prolonged amount of time but you don’t want to make your relationship with them awkward? Perfect. New Years Eve is the perfect excuse to invite your crush out to celebrate, maybe with a group of friends, but when neither of you has a person to get the new years kiss with, ask them. If they say yes, yay! If they say no, moon-walk away and find someone else! Many fish in the sea.

2. Dating Apps


No matter how single you feel, you’re never alone. Get on an app like Tinder or Bumble and put yourself out there! Use your cheesiest pickup line or be extremely blunt.

3. Get Set Up


Your friends have been begging to set you up for years, so finally say yes. New year, new you, right? I mean, what do you have to lose?

4. Throw A Party

Invite all of your friends to your place to ring in the new year! Ask them to invite some of their friends to add to the pool of potential new year kisses.

5. Approach A Stranger


Celebrating the holiday at a bar surrounded by a small group of friends and a ton of strangers? Great, this is your chance. Seize the moment. If you need to and are of age, grab a drink and approach a solo stranger. Strike up a conversation and if things go well ask if they’ll be your new year’s kiss. They’re a stranger so if it’s bad you never have to see them again! You got this, I believe in you.