5 Sober Ways to Have Fun With Friends on New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is the most exhilarating night of the year! Nothing beats wearing a sparkly outfit, celebrating with friends and counting down the minutes until the new year begins. New Year’s Eve is usually associated with drinking and going to parties but there are plenty of fun activities that you can do with friends without either. Do you want to have a good time without involving alcohol but are you unsure about what to do? Check out our recommendations right here!

Travel With Friends


Whether it be a neighboring town or a few states away, experiencing a new place with your friends to escape the New Year’s Eve party craziness is one option to consider! Rent a hotel room or an Airbnb and spend time relaxing, watching movies or cook something you enjoy! Experience whatever the area you’re staying in has to offer.

Go to the Movies


The movies are always a great idea! Catch a show and go out to dinner after or attend a midnight showing with friends to ring in the New Year. Either way, you won’t be disappointed, and you’ll have a fun activity to do while also relaxing and enjoying a new movie of choice. Stock up on all the snacks you want and wear something sparkly without having to deal with heels or a dress unless you want to!



Is there a winter activity more pleasing and festive than ice-skating? Grab your friends or significant other and head out on an ice-skating adventure on New Year’s Eve for fun. Bundle up in your comfiest clothes and stop for coffee or hot chocolate afterward to enjoy the night and stay warm. Most rinks play music during skating hours, so you’ll be sure to have a fun time and make memories with your favorite people.



Gather leftover cookie dough and toppings from Christmas cookie baking and use it for New Year’s Eve baking! You can make fun shapes like snowflakes, snowmen and party hats and chat with friends while doing an enjoyable activity. You can buy festive cookie cutters or extra ingredients if necessary and make it an adventure with your friends doing something everyone enjoys instead of going out.

Host a Dinner Party


Have a small gathering with close friends and celebrate with games, food and snacks instead of going out and drinking alcohol. You can do fun activities like party poppers, grab bags and cookie making contests before settling down to watch the ball drop at midnight. It will be a memorable night without the hangover in the morning!

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