Meet The Fiji Water Girl Who Went Viral At The Golden Globes

The 2019 Golden Globes had lots of viral moments. Like Emma Stone yelling “Sorry!” for starring in Aloha and Chrissy Metz maybe calling Alison Brie a bitch while on air. But one of the most viral moments happened on the red carpet when a Fiji water model photobombed celebrities’ red carpet photos.

Fiji was the official water of the Globes and they hired promotional models to hand out their beverage. One model managed to photobomb countless celebrity photos all while serving face.

Twitter went nuts for the Fiji Water Girl and pronounced her a star.

She quickly became a star and a meme. The uber-popular meme account Saint Hoax quickly photoshopper the model into other ionic pop culture moments so she could steal some more scenes.

So who is Fiji water girl? Model Kelleth Cuthbert.

Kelleth has over 106,000 Instagram followers and is represented by Wilhemina models. Her Instagram following is quickly growing thanks to her viral red carpet moment.

She even shared some of the hilarious headlines of her viral moment on her Instagram. Clearly shes also in shock of how viral she went.

Kelleth also posted a video pre-Golden Globes of herself on the red carpet. She wore a cobalt blue tiered dress with a black sash and black straps for her scene-stealing moment.

Based on her website Kelleth has been modeling as far back as 2013.

She’s married to photographer Christopher Von Steinback. They’ve been together for a little over six years. The couple got married in October 2011.

Congrats to Kelleth’s new found internet fame.