Meghan Markle Is Supposedly Being Offered Millions To Do One More ‘Suits’ Episode

Before Meghan Markle was a Duchess and married to Prince Harry she was on a little show called Suits. Just kidding it was a big network show that has a crazy fan base. Obviously, when Meghan switched over to royal life she left the show and her character Rachel Zane behind. Most of her co-stars even attended her wedding.

But now Daily Mail UK is reporting that the bosses of Suits want Meghan back. Reportedly NBC Universal is prepared to offer Meghan a “multi-million dollar donation to the charity of her choice” if she agrees.

Meghan would revitalize her role as Rachel for a two-minute clip. They would do the shooting in the UK so Meghan wouldn’t have to travel. Her character would be pregnant as well to match Meghan’s growing baby bump.

According to Daily Star’s NBC source, the filming could be done in half a day or less.

So how much is this rumored multi-million dollar donation? According to the Daily Star’s sources anywhere from two million to six million dollars. “No final figure has yet been arrived at but negotiations are likely to be opened in the very near future,” the source continued.

That’s a lot of money but getting Meghan to return to TV would be “one of the biggest marketing coups in TV history.”

The reason why NBC would be making a charitable donation instead of paying Meghan is for tax reasons.

Meghan’s character Rachel’s last episode aired in April 2018. The episode watched Rachel get married to Mike Ross, played by Patrick J. Adamas. Here television wedding aired just days before her actual wedding to Prince Harry.

It’s highly unlikely Meghan will be returning for a guest spot on Suits. The Duchess isn’t even allowed to run her own Instagram account.