Top 5 Celebrity Make Up Trends Of 2019

When a makeup routine starts becoming mundane and uninspired who better to look to than celebrity goddesses and their artists for inspiration?

In 2019 the stars are not disappointing with creative and chic looks that are easily incorporated into one’s current regimen. And there is no doubt about it, this year’s beauty trends are equally as fierce and bold as your intentions for the new year. That means everything from glossy, glass-like lips, powerful and popping pastel eye shades, geometric floating eye-liner, and going glitter crazy now that the new years eve parties have passed. Therefore, do not be afraid to add a hint of drama and play up the everyday look. However think of these trends as accentuating certain features at a time, while contouring and highlighting are more downplayed with a natural finish. Regardless one should find a trend or two that resonates with them, feel free to put their own spin on it, and ultimately be fearless with their art.

Glitter Galore Lids

There is no reason to put away the glitter eyeshadow after the holidays. Camilla Belle’s epic emerald shadow is proof that a little hint of sparkle will help a goddess shine in the new year. One thing is sure this trend is not fading with the seasons, especially with every well-known makeup brand like BH Cosmetics, Fenty Beauty to the new and upcoming brands like Lemonhead LA has glitter-packed pigmented formulas that encourage layering.

Powerful Pastel Eyes–K1BjPv/

Played-up pastels shadows that gorgeously make eyes pop is a look worn by stars everywhere. The very now style is sexy, saturated with color, and forecasted to continue well into 2019. However, this heightened spring and summer eyes are perfectly intense, color-blocked, and sure to be every it girl’s new favorite look.

Velvety Skin

This luxuriously creamy, velvet foundation texture creates the perfect hashtag expensive skin look. The resurgence of the classic foundation that creates a healthy, smooth complexion brings the rebirth of realism back into foundation. Additionally, that means subtlety is the name of the game when it comes to contouring and blush, but it should not be neglected.

Cleopatra-worthy Liner & Floating Liner

The floating liner has been trending for a bit with celebs, and the trend has become an obsession with makeup artists and influencers on Instagram. In 2019 the liner look is taken to the next level with graphic and geometric styles that are both artistic and Cleopatra-approved. Eyeliner has become much like a drawing utensil which not only brings an extra edge to any classic smokey eye but also adds depth and creativity.

Skin Like Glass & Glossy Lips

Natural skin looks with a more translucent and luminescent foundation is being fully embraced this year. Less concealing and more revealing is at the heart of this trend. Radiance is embodied with this revitalized countenance, and the accent and focal point of this look is an ultra-glossy lip that shines like glass. It’s a minimalistic yet refreshing trend that is easy for anyone to re-create.

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