Kris Jenner Got Bangs & Now Looks Like A Mashup Of Kim & Kendall

Kris Jenner’s momager pixie cut is extremely iconic. Throughout the Kardashians rise to fame and many hair color changes and plastic surgery Kris’ hair has always stayed the same. When in doubt Kris will be rocking a jet black perfectly tousled pixie.

She changed her hair a few times. The momager has rocked a bleach blonde pixie wig a few times for a change of pace. Most recently she rocked the blonde hair for the family’s Christmas Eve party.

When she first went blonde for fun in October 2017. Kim debuted Kris’ new hair on Instagram and it sparked a million memes.

Kris’ hair is a big deal. Recently the momanger debuted a brand new hairdo on Instagram and fans are shocked at how much she looks like Kim and Kendall Jenner.

Like of course, Kris looks like her daughters they are related. But, you would never glance at Kris and mistake her for Kim or Kendall that’s for sure. But with this hairdo mistakenly calling Kris one of her daughters’ names is not so far fetched.

If you don’t believe me, look at these photos of Kim and Kendall with similar bangs.

Those are some strong genes.

“You look like Kim!,” one fan exclaimed on Kris’ Instagram.

“Kendall are you????,” another commented.

Andrew Fitzsimons is the hairstylist behind Kris’ new hair. He regularly does the Kardashian-Jenner’s hair. His whole feed is basically just Kardashians.

This isn’t just the power of bangs. One time Kim wore a black pixie wig and looked identical to Kris.

Kendall hasn’t worn a full-blown pixie cut yet, but she did wear some baby bangs for Harpers Bazaar shoot. But she doesn’t look so much like Kris, at least not as much as Kim does.

Who do you think Kris looks more like? Kim or Kendall?

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