Family Sues NYC Private School For Expelling Daughter Who Stood Up To Her Bully

The family of a Muslim girl is suing a prestigious New York City private school for expelling their daughter who defended herself against a bully.

According to Yahoo, the student confronted classmates, who bullied her for being Palestinian-American and Muslim and threatened to kill her.

The New York Post says the lawsuit, which was filed by attorney Stewart Lee Karlin, is suing the all-girls Hewitt School on the Upper East Side for their “shockingly callous attitude” toward their daughter. The lawsuit also states that the girl was “dealing with the imminent death of her father caused by a devastating illness.”

The girl’s father was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. The bullied girl has attended Hewitt School for three years and is very smart and has even played the violin at Carnegie Hall. She has recently been “acting out” because of her home life, but was in counseling to help.

The lawsuit, which was obtained by Yahoo, claims that one day in math class another student threatened to kill the girl. The threat was made in front of the whole class and the teacher. When the bullied student asked the teacher for help she told her to “just forget about it.”

The lawsuit then says that after a period of bullying on April 16, 2018, the bullied student confronted her bully during recess. The girls didn’t physically fight, but after their confrontation, the school expelled the bullied student and not the bully.

The lawsuit says their decision to expel the bullied student is “an egregious and disproportionate response to standing up to another who had continually threated her and made her feel unsafe.”

The lawsuit continues and state that Hewitt “showed a shockingly callous attitude toward [the girl], who was dealing with the imminent death of her father caused be a devastating illness.”

The suit claims that the school didn’t investigate the bulling enough because of the bullied student’s “national original and religion.”

“It is clear that Hewitt’s administration has only been waiting for the opportunity to use even the slightest of infractions as a basis to expel [the girl],” the suit states.

The lawsuit asks for at least $2 million in pain, suffering and damage to reputation.

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