Trends From 2018 To Repeat In 2019

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Last year was full of new trends for us all to obsess over. Just like any year, some trends from 2018 became wardrobe staples that we will one-hundred-percent taken with us into the new year. Other trends are not so lucky. Let’s just say they’re not mentioned in this article in the hopes that they get left in 2018.

I’ve rounded up some of my favorite trends from the past year to check out if you haven’t caved yet.

Chunky sneakers

Hear me out on this one. I can see why these could be considered ugly. Really, I get it. But have you ever tried them on? I’m partial to the FILA Disruptor 2 style because they won’t break the bank and who knows how long this trend will stick around.

What I do know is that they are unbelievably comfortable and when paired with the right outfit, they make you look 10 times more chic than traditional (ahem, boring) white sneakers. There are many versions of this style of shoe. If you feel like they are too out there, I encourage you to keep looking. The right pair for you is waiting for your love.

Fanny packs

These are the best thing to happen to fashion in a while. The practicality of fanny packs is up there with the dad sneakers. It’s essentially a hands-free purse that you can wear more than one way, and nowadays can be found in almost any material for any level of extra you’re going for.

Also, how iconic is it that a once “tacky” 80s trend has blown up to be street style-approved? The fashion world is crazy sometimes. Some of my favorite versions are black pleather, sherpa or clear plastic/vinyl.

Street Athleisure

This is a comprehensive style takeover we’ve seen all over Instagram in the past, but was taken to new heights in 2018. Instead of simply adding Adidas to your jeans and double-breasted coat, we’ve now entered a realm where long teddy coats with sweatpants and heels is a vibe. Think dad sneaks with power suits and graphic hoodies with trench coats and booties.

There is so much possibility to mix and match workwear and dressier items with athletic components. Regardless of what level you take this trend to, it gives off major cool girl vibes and just makes you feel like you’ve got your s**t together.

Animal Print

Going far beyond the cheetah print comeback we saw in 2017, 2018 was the year of snake print, tiger stripes and even cow and zebra patterns. This started on the runway and quickly moved into fast fashion, so the story goes every season.

Some of my favorite ways to sport these patterns are in midi skirts, hair accessories or booties. You can make the pattern as loud or unnoticeable as you want since they can be found in everything from bodysuits to mini backpacks to trim on coats.

Checks, Plaid, You Name It

It’s not uncommon knowledge that plaid and variations of the print have been around forever. In 2018 they found a new place in fashion, being produced in essentially every article of clothing there is. What was once seen primarily as a more casual look, in flannels or accessories here and there, is now popping up on runways, in over the knee boots and women’s workwear.

It’s become particularly popular in overcoats, which is a practical and simple way to top off an everyday outfit. The ways in which you can incorporate plaid into your wardrobe are endless. You can pretty much find it in any color, size and design that suits your preferences.

If you’ve been holding out on any of the above-mentioned trends from 2018, try looking for them in different brands, departments or styles! I’ve got a feeling they won’t be going anywhere, any time soon.

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