26 Of The Best Celebrity #10YearChallenge Photos

The current viral internet challenge is the #10YearChallenge. You have to share a photo of yourself from 10 years ago alongside one from current day. Many celebrities have joined in on the trend and shockingly they all look pretty similar from how they looked 10 years ago. Jennifer Lopez, Busy Philipps, Chance The Rapper, Reese Witherspoon and more have all partaken in the viral moment.

Check out all the best 10 Year Challenges from celebrities below.

Jennifer Lopez


Lopez’s 10 Year Challenge is pretty iconic. The singer and actress was pregnant with her twins, Maximillian and Emme at the time so there’s a huge 10 year difference.

Caitlyn Jenner


Jenner’s 10 Year Challenge is crazy because 10 years ago Jenner had yet to transition. She captioned her photo, “Be authentic to yourself.”

Elizabeth Banks


Banks did the 11 Year Challenge. The actress shared snaps of herself from 2007 and 2018.

Kate Beckinsale


Beckinsale followed Banks lead and shared a photo from before 2009. The actress posted a photo of herself from 2005 because “I can’t be arsed looking for a similar one from 2009 so whatever I’m over it.”

Kiernan Shipka


The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina star shared 10 Year Challenge with her former co-worker January Jones. The two starred together in Mad Men and Jones played Shipka’s mother in the show.

Isla Fisher


Fisher swears her life has changed drastically in 10 years. Despite looking basically the same, the actress says she was “stretchmark/Spanx/diaper free a decade ago.”



Madonna’s 10 Year Challenge looks like the same photo from a different angle.

Kate Hudson


Not much has changed in Hudson’s 10 Year Challenge except her hair. That buzzcut is something!

Chance The Rapper


10 years ago Chance The Rapper was just a baby and starring in Are We There Yet?

Jessica Biel


Biel shared a snap of herself from 10 years ago and woah was she blonde. The actress pointed out that she still has lots of love for her past self.



A lot has changed for Jersey Shore star Snooki. In 2009 she was getting arrested for public intoxication and now she’s a mother of two, soon to be three!

Reese Witherspoon


Why hasn’t Witherspoon aged in 10 years?

Viola Davis


Not much has changed in 10 years for actress Davis except her hair.

Christina Aguilera

Are we supposed to know which photo is current and which is from 10 years ago?

Janet Jackson


Jackson looks like such a baby in her 10 Year Challenge.

Ellen DeGeneres


DeGeneres has switched up her style and hair over the last 10 years and not much else.

Gabrielle Union


Union switched it up and did the 20 Year Challenge. The actress shared photos of herself from 1998, 2008 and 2018.

Ryan Seacrest


The TV host has aged gracefully over the last decade.

Nicki Minaj


The rapper has strayed from her roots in the last decade.

Padma Lakshmi


The Top Chef host proved that good food keeps you young! Lakshmi shared a photo of herself from 1999 and a bikini shot of herself from 2019.

Alison Brie


Brie’s red carpet glam has definitely gone up a notch or two over the last 10 years, but she basically looks the same.

Trevor Noah


The Daily Show host shows how far his style has come.

Lori Loughlin


Full House star Loughlin has barely aged since 2009.

Busy Philipps


Busy Tonight host shows how she and her daughter Birdie have glowed and grown up.

Kelly Ripa & Mark Consuelos


Ripa and husband Consuelos show off how little they’ve aged in the last decade.

Tyra Banks


Banks went the extra mile and shared a photo of herself at 18-years-old compared to now.