10 Ways To Spend A College Friday Night If You Don’t Want To Go To Bars


It’s easy to feel like letting loose after a long week of studying, homework and meetings. But for someone who isn’t particularly keen on bumping between drunk people, getting drinks spilled on your shoes and getting hit on by creepy people, hitting the bars may be the least desirable way to kick back.

But having fun as a college student doesn’t always equate to drinking your body weight in whiskey sours and bumping to the (sometimes terrible) beat until your feet hurt. Here are eight ways to spend a Friday night that may honestly be way better than Ladies Night at the bar.

1. Gather your friends for a movie night.

If you barely have time to see your friends during the week because of classes, a movie marathon with a nice, big bowl of popcorn is the perfect way to get cozy and burn off some steam from the hardships of the last five days. Pick a nice mix of comedy, horror and action, and make sure you’ve got your movie night snacks handy.

2. Or…make it a game night.

There’s nothing like a little friendly competition, after all. If your friends are more of gamers than moviegoers, set up a few controllers and pick a few favorites. Encourage your friends to invite their friends to really get the party going.

3. Go to a sports game on campus.

Personally, I jump at the chance to go to show my school spirit at sports games (even though I don’t totally understand football yet). Being there in the stands is so different from watching the game on TV. Also, a college sports game is a great experience for your bucket list even if you aren’t a sports person. Invite your friends so you can all get decked out in your school colors.

4. Go out for dinner in a new town.

If you’ve got an insatiable sense of adventure, hop in your car (or friend’s car) and drive to a town you’ve never explored before, or one that you’d like to get to know better. You could end up discovering a new favorite food spot or a great place to go when you want to clear your head.

5. Do a face mask and paint your nails.

What better way to give your self a little TLC? Gather the gals and make your own face masks and do each others’ nails. There are tons of great YouTube tutorials that show you how to create easy nail art designs. Sometimes just taking the time to do something for yourself and relax is the best way to let loose.

6. Cook dinner in your dorm for once.

We’re all so used to swiping our cards to use meal points for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Challenge your culinary skills (and knowledge of recipes) and create dinner for yourself and friends. There’s nothing like a hearty, homecooked meal, after all.

7. Play a game of hide-and-seek…in the dark.

Confession: I’ve done this before and it’s WAY more fun than you might think! I know it sounds super childish, but sometimes the best relief from a mundane college life is to become a kid again, at least for a few hours. Turn out all the lights in your suite, and the person who’s “it” can only use the light from their phone to find everyone else. You’d be surprised by how many good hiding places there are in your residence hall. Just be careful not to run around or scream to disturb the other students on your floor.

8. Go out for ice cream and chill around town.

Who says ice cream can only be an after-dinner dessert? Grab a cone at an odd hour and just hang out around town with your pals. You’d be surprised how much time flies when you’re comfortably nestled in a cafe booth or sitting on the hood of your car under the stars chatting away your troubles.

9. Have a craft night with your roommates.

Calling all Pinterest queens! Time to hit up your DIY board for some fun art projects you can do together. If graduation is coming up, decorating your cap could be a super productive project. Or, if there’s an event coming up soon, learn how to make super chic DIY jewelry.

10. Use your student discount at a movie theatre.

Some local theatres give students at nearby colleges discounts when they flash their student ID, so make sure you have your ID handy. Check for any exciting new releases you’re dying to see and start group texting your friends.

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