A High School Student Discovered Her Coach Was Sending Racist Texts & Sued The School

Camille Sturdivant, a student in Blue Valley Northwest High school and a member of their dance team, made the decision to press charges against her dance choreographer after discovering racist messages.

What Happened?

Back in 2017, Camille Sturdivant’s dance instructor, Kevin Murakami stated that her skin was too dark and it would distract the crowd from the other dancers. He also followed up by saying her skin color did not match up with the color of the costumes. Along with Kevin Murakami, Carley Fine was also fired from the school when the text messages between her and Murakami were discovered. In the texts both Murakami and Fine expressed their anger about Sturdivant’s acceptance into the University of Missouris dance team for the following year.

In one of the texts, Murakami states, “THAT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE. I’m so mad,” according to the lawsuit. Fine, then responds with, “It actually makes my stomach hurt,” continuing with, “Bc she’s (expletive) black. I hate that.” Although both instructors were fired for this, reports state that Fine was seen on campus working with members of the dance team multiple times.


Who Is Camille Sturdivant?

Camille Sturdivant now a student in the University of Missouri and a member of the Golden Girls dance team there has worked hard to continue dancing in college especially in an elite dance team like Mizzou Golden Girls. She put her best efforts into tryouts, taking time to investigate, introduced herself to the girls that were already on the team and picked up tips from them.  Camille set an example, how it is possible to achieve a dream when it is worked hard for.

Blue Valley Northwest Highschool

Although the incident happened in 2017, students of the school continue to be vocal about the discrimination they face and their hopes for an end to it and more rules and regulations regarding it. The school district has also followed up with a statement, “Discrimination of any kind has no place here. The district expects staff to treat all students with respect at all times, and any report that this expectation has not been fulfilled is taken very seriously.” Along with this, the students have released their own statement, “We expect Dr. Amy Pressley and the leadership to take more thorough and careful steps to maintain an environment built on equity and fairness”

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