5 Tips On How To Adjust To College Life

The thought of leaving your family, friends and home behind to go to college is a scary thought. Nothing will ever be the same again and life as you knew it is over, however, the best years of your life are right ahead, and the memories and friendships you will make are priceless.

You will likely face a variety of challenges in your college career with the very first one being adjusting to college life. But by following my tips a seamless and successful transition is likely to occur.

Here are five tips for adjusting to college life:

Make your home away from home feel like home.

Take inspiration from your bedroom at home and decorate your dorm room in a way that reminds you of home. It is important to feel comfortable in this space as you will be spending a lot of time here.

Don’t be afraid to get creative but keep in mind that your new room might be a bit smaller than what you’re used to. It is helpful to get pictures or the dimensions of your dorm room to help you plan the space appropriately.

Pick out items that will make the room feel cozy and comfortable, look through your camera roll and print off photographs that remind you of a fun memory and be sure to research creative ways to maximize storage (especially if you will be living in a traditional-style dorm).

Call home often.

Part of the college process is moving out and, as a result, seeing your family less. You might find yourself feeling homesick, the best way to cure this feeling and put your mind at ease is calling home.

It is hard to explain how something as simple as hearing your mother or father’s voice can instantly cure your mood and lift your spirits. Calling home will not only allow you to adjust to your new life but will also help your parents with the sometimes-difficult transition. It’s also better than visiting home every weekend because if you do that you will never adjust to college life.

Explore your surroundings.

Whether you decide to attend college in a city, suburban or rural area, I cannot express how important it is to get off campus and explore your new community.

Get out and get a feel for your new home. You will definitely not regret it! You will fall in love with this new community and will eventually call it “home.” Grabbing coffee with some friends at a cute coffee shop, hiking, exploring the downtown scene or talking to the locals is a good way to get started!

Do not forget about schoolwork.

The excitement of new friends and freedom might distract you from the real reason you are at college, and it is easy to forget about school. You will find that it is imperative to set aside time to study so you can perform your best in class. My number one tip is keeping an agenda or calendar as this will allow you to keep up with your work and schedule study and free time.

Get involved!

The best way to make friends is by putting yourself out there! Join anything and everything that peaks your interests, it WILL pay off, and you are sure to gain multiple, long-lasting friendships!

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