Boston Woman Has Been Found Alive After Being Kidnapped

YouTube / CBS

Olivia Ambrose, a 23-year-old from Boston, has been found alive after being allegedly kidnapped on Saturday, January 19.

CBS Boston reports that Ambrose, who goes by Liviy, was last seen at a bar in Boston called Hennesy’s on Union Street.

According to BuzzFeed, on Tuesday Ambrose was found at a housing development in an apartment owned by Victor Pena, 38. He has been arrested and charged with kidnapping.

Thankfully video footage shows Pena and another man with Ambrose. According to the police, Pena and the other man were seen “inviting Ms. Ambrose to walk with them.” And Pena puts his arm around Ambrose and “direct her towards” a subway station.

At another subway station, the unnamed man is no longer with Pena and Ambrose. He has turned himself in as a witness. The Bostom Police Commissioner, William G. Gross said it was “obvious from the video surveillance that she did not go along willingly.”

Police tracked Ambrose’s phone to the housing development. They then searched the area to find Ambrose. When police entered the apartment they saw Ambrose standing next to Pen who was crying. Police reports state that Pena violently resisted arrest.

Ambrose was taken to the hospital for an evaluation and is reportedly fine. Pena sobbed in court and exhibited strange behavior. He is ordered to undergo 20-day mental healthy evaluation and be held without bail. His next court date is February 11.

Ambrose originally left the bar with her twin sister and a few friends. They say the bar was extremely packed.

“We were all here, we ere jus dancing in front of the band and then somewhere just like around 10 P.M. I don’t know I guess we got separated and then she left at 11,” Ambrose’s twin sister, Frannie Ambrose told CBS Boston.

Her family passed out flyers and actively searched for in the few days she was missing.


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