Jussie Smollett Attacked In A Hate Crime: Full Story

Jussie Smollett, best known as Jamal Lyon on FOX’S Empireย was attacked on early this Tuesday while in Chicago. Jussie Smollett is American Actor, began his career as a child and since has dived into other forms of art including singing, directing and photography. The, now 35-year-old star came out as gay back in March of 2015. The attack has been classified as a hate crime since MAGA slurs where yelled during.

What Happened?

Smollett, during his flight from New York to Chicago, posted many Insta stories on his frustration the flight took a while to take off. Once he landed, he expressed his gratitude for finally arriving at Chicago when he was on a plane for 7- hours when it was supposed to be a 2-hour flight, with that he posted a picture also promoting his new tour. Around 2 am the attack happened. Reports state Smollett was attacked by two white males wearing ski masks, “yelling out racial and homophobic slurs.” The attackers, beat his face, fractured a rib, put a rope around his neck while they poured bleach on him then they fled the scene while yelling “This is MAGA country.”

Smollett took himself to Northwestern Hospital and is reportedly in good condition. Many have sent prayers, and the police are investigating a letter that was sent to FOX studios directed to Smollett, with cut out letters spelling, “You will die black f**,” just 8 days before the attack.

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