How To Throw The Best Super Bowl Party: Top 5 Useful Tips

This year’s Super Bowl is a match-up between the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams. Since this only happens once a year, everyone should get out and enjoy it by attending a Super Bowl party. If you’re hosting this year’s Super Bowl LIII party, we have some tips to make your party one that guests will never forget.

Check out these five tips to make your party stand out from the rest:

1. Have plenty of food

There is no denying that your guests are going to work up an appetite while watching the game.  The best way to handle a hungry crowd is to make your party potluck style.  Have your guests bring their favorite appetizers or dishes to the table, that way there is something for everyone.  You provide some drinks and a main dish and have your guests do the rest.  Don’t stress, it doesn’t have to be anything gourmet, chips and dip will suffice!

2. Super Bowl decorations

This isn’t just any old football Sunday, it’s the Super Bowl! Let your guests know that this is a special occasion by decorating your house!  A themed party is the best type of party so head to Instagram for some ideas. Your decorations don’t have to be extraordinary: try a festive table runner, some football-inspired plates, cups and napkins, or some balloons based on the two teams.

3.Separate room for the football junkies

3 Men watching football on TV


We all know a Super Bowl party is basically an excuse to catch up with friends, but there will be some die-hard fans in the mix. To avoid the football junkies, have a separate viewing room for them.  If you have the space to set up another TV, do it. That way the party won’t stop and your guests can socialize without getting in the way of the fans.

4. Prop bets

iPhone being used for betting next to laptop


It’s obvious that not everyone will be totally invested in the game, but a fun way to keep things interesting is to make some side bets.  A lot goes on during the Super Bowl aside from an actual football game so keep your guests entertained with some prop bets.  Here are a few things you and your guests can bet on: Who will win the coin toss? How long will it take for Gladys Knight to sing the national anthem? What color Gatorade will the winning team dump on their coach? And the list goes on.

5. Team-themed desserts

Who doesn’t love dessert right? The game doesn’t start until 6:30 so by the time the 2nd half rolls around your guests are going to be looking for something to satisfy their sweet tooths.  Let your friends show off who they are rooting for with some Patriots or Rams themed desserts! This could be as simple as cupcakes or donuts frosted yellow and blue for the Rams and red and blue for the Patriots.

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