This Singer’s Harry Styles Face Tattoo Was Fake

To nobody’s surprise singer Kelsy Karter’s face tattoo of Harry Styles’ face is fake.

On January 28, the New Zealand singer debuted a new tattoo on her right cheek. The tattoo was of Styles’ face from his 2017 Rolling Stone cover. Karter posted the photo alongside tattoo artist Romeo Lacoste. He also posted a video on his Instagram story documenting tattooing Karter’s face.

She said the tattoo was in honor of Styles upcoming 25th birthday. But the whole thing was a stunt to promote her new single “Harry” that is about her love of the former One Direction member.

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mama, look what i made me do

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In her new video titled “How I rocked the entire world for $300,” Karter reveals that the tattoo is fake.

The singer said that her dog died and her relationship ended and instead of writing a sad love song she wanted to write a song about Styles. To promote her single she and her team decided she’d try to go viral with a face tattoo.

“What would the rock legends that inspired me have done in 2019?” she asks in her video. This question led her to the conclusion of a face tattoo.

To pull off the prank they called up a famous tattoo artist, Lacoste, and he traced Styles’ face on Karter’s cheek. After the tracing was done, they staged the video Romeo posted on his story and a special effects makeup artist made it seem like a real tattoo.

The tattoo went viral and then the next day her song “Harry” dropped. It was a successful viral marketing ploy.

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