Robin Thicke Girlfriend 2019: Who Is Robin Dating Now?

Canadian-American singer and songwriter Robin Thicke has been thriving in the music industry for years. Establishing himself first by working with other artists, Thicke co-wrote work for singers including Brandy and Christina Aguilera. Finally breaking through with the success of his single “Lost Without U” back in 2006, the “Blurred Lines” singer became a familiar name on the Billboard R&B charts.

While “Blurred Lines” has collected over 500 million views on YouTube just about everyone and their mother have opinions on the sexually explicit song and video. Naked models prance around the screen and hang all over Thicke with lustful eyes and sex appeal. Thicke was deemed as a misogynist and womanizer shortly after this video, but is he?

Check out Thicke’s past and current dating history below:

Paula Patton 1991-2014


Thicke’s romantic past carries the once-upon-a-time love story we all dream of and swoon over.

Thicke met actress Paula Patton all the way back in 1991 at the mere age of fourteen. Spotting each other in a dance club open to all ages, he asked Patton to dance and serenaded her with Stevie Wonder’s “Jungle Fever”. The two clicked instantly. Little did they know they would later be announced, husband and wife.

Both Thicke and Patton were born in Los Angles, but racial tensions prevented the two from taking their love public everywhere. Patton, a former president of her high school’s Black Student Union, didn’t want to take Thicke to her prom fearing harsh judgment. Facing this slight awkwardness at first, the two decided to put their differences aside and pursue each other regardless.

During Thicke’s rise to fame, Patton stood inspiringly by his side. Referring to Patton as his muse Thicke finally released his first debut album A Beautiful World in 2003, her nude portrait splashed on the cover.

Failing to sell as many records as he hoped, Thicke’s confidence diminished. Along with this chip on his shoulder, Patton moved over from filmmaking to acting, forcing her to partake in love scenes making things even harder. However, the future star refused to let this get in between the couple.

Thicke and Patton married on June 11, 2005. Just a year later his second album, The Evolution of Robin Thicke hit number one on the U.S. R&B charts, selling over a million copies. His critically acclaimed “Lost Without U” single starred Patton in its music video, and the two sealed their love with the birth of their first child in 2010, Julian.

Fast-forward to 2011 and Thicke’s album Love After War is released, chronicling his experiences as a husband and father to Patton and their child. Later in 2013 when hit single and collaboration with Pharell Williams “Blurred Lines” debuted. Critics stopped viewing Thicke as the love-struck husband and instead as a sexist misogynist. Later that year at the MTV Video Music Awards Miley Cyrus famously twerked right in front of Thicke’s groin, bringing more negative attention to his and Patton’s relationship.

As if 2013 couldn’t get any more hectic for the pair, cheating rumors began swirling. A photo of Thicke with socialite Lana Scolaro went viral after the VMA’s with his hand gripping her butt. The couple remained strong and loving in interviews but announced in February 2014 that they had separated. Having spent over twenty years together romantically, Thicke even named his 2014 album in her honor, Paula.

April Love Geary 2014-Present


Shortly after separating from the longtime lover, Thicke met his new beau, April Love Geary. The model went public with Thicke in 2015 at the Cannes Film Festival despite critique on their 18-year age difference.

On Christmas Eve of 2018, Thicke proposed to a pregnant Geary after almost four years of dating. Geary took to Instagram as she typically does to show off loving photos of the two, with a picture of the pair arm in arm in front of the Christmas tree. Showing off her new rock, Thicke kisses her cheek, and the two prepare for not only another baby on the way but a wedding as well.

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