7 Fun Activities To Do During The Polar Vortex

After getting the flu this week and seeing so many people unable to leave their homes due to the Polar Vortex, I started making a list of things to do when you’re stuck at home and SO BORED. Whether you’re sick, in the middle of a snowstorm or just want to save some money we have all been there. Here are seven activities to do when you can’t leave the house!

Board Games

Play some games! Game nights are slowly making a comeback. There are so many fun games out there that you can play with a few or many people. I love Apples to Apples, Settlers of Catan, Cards Against Humanity and the classic Monopoly. To add a new twist, make teams and compete against each other!

Movie Night

Sit down for a movie by yourself, with roomies or with friends and enjoy a classic movie! Pop some popcorn and make fancy drinks to bring the movie theater vibes. The last rainy day my roommates and I sat down and binged an entire season of a new Netflix show, making a full day of it!

Cook Something Up

Once I was starting to feel better I looked around my pantry for something that actually sounded good to eat (after living of chicken noodle soup and tea for three days). So, I made some apple crisp! Not only did it taste amazing, but our whole apartment smelled amazing. It’s a great way to lighten up a room when you feel stuck. If you feel uninspired check Pinterest of Instagram for some new ideas. Spend time decorating cookies or making ice cream from scratch, which you don’t usually have time to do. Check out that cookbook you’ve been meaning to try.

Give Yourself A Manicure

Paint your nails! Who doesn’t feel like a new person when they have a fresh manicure? Get out your favorite nail polishes and give yourself a refresh. If you’re really feeling bored, watch some YouTube videos for nail art. It’s amazing how many household items you can use to give yourself spectacular nails. Better yet grab your roommates and do a full spa night together!


Rainy and stormy days are the perfect time to cuddle up with a new book. Reading more is such a common New Year’s resolution because we all have busy lives and it feels like there isn’t enough time to sit down and read (although we could spend less time with our Netflix). Why not spend the stormy day with a blanket and a hot cup of tea getting lost in that book you’ve had in your nightstand forever.

Learn Something New

When you’re stuck at home for a while, this is a perfect time to learn something new. Whether it’s something to add skills to your resume or how to crochet this is the time to learn. You have a full day ahead of you! Look online at websites like YouTube, Khan Academy, Code Academy or Udemy. I’m working on getting AdWords certified, learning HTML and upping my photography game.


Now, this is definitely not the most exciting activity on the list, but with a big chunk of free time why not get inspired by Marie Kondo and do a big pre-spring cleaning. Clean out your closet and go through your clothes to see what you really wear. Clean out that desk drawer that has become full of stuff. Make it more fun by pumping up the tunes, listening to an audiobook, or even listening to a movie. Cleaning can seem overwhelming when you are in the middle of crazy everyday life, so why not take the time at home to declutter and spend meaningful time making your space less chaotic.

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