20 Funny Valentine’s Day Tweets That Will Make You LOL

It’s like all the stores you walk in wanted to remind you that the most romantic time of the year is here, and you are once again surrounded by those red hears, chocolates and teddy bears. It’s another time to share love besides Christmas–or you know, complain profusely about it.

At least there are jokes. So whether you are single, taken, or in a complicated situation, it is time to celebrate the most mixed feelings holiday of the year with some Twitter gold! Here, we collected 20 tweets for you to go lol.

A Date? Sure.

Chocolate Vs. Turkey, Anyone?

Wait For It…


Spot On

Zendaya Had The Perfect Clap Back

But In Fact…

Some Other Excitements For The Day 🙂

Aw, We Feel You

Listen, Kid, Your Granddad Was Just Like You

So…You’re Turning Into Human Or Staying In Beast Forever?

Don’t Worry, We’ll Still Have A Great Time

Plans For Valentine’s Day?

Really, I’m Not Lying

Valentine’s Day Gifts Are Not Only For Couples

I’ll Admit It’s Way Better Than Chocolate & Roses

There’s A Twist

Still Got Your Grandma If You Don’t Have A Valentine

You Just Can’t Get Away. Never.

There’s No Difference!

Anna Speaking The Truth

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