Top 5 Things You Need To Know About The Year Of The Pig

There are 12 zodiac sign in the Chinese calendar, Year of the rat, ox, rabbit, dragon, tiger, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog and pig. Last year, 2018 it was the Year of the Dog, this time around it’s the Year of the Pig. From Yin and Yang, the pig is known to be the Yin. The Pig is the last zodiac sign on the calendar and is associated with the Earthy Branch. For those born under this year here are 5 things you need to know about the Year of the Pig.


People Born Under The Year Of The Pig

People who are born under this year are seen as more realistic and materialistic but they are also seen as considerate, responsible, independent and optimistic. They are very patient with people and therefore create balanced relationships as they don’t judge right away after mistakes occur. Although the Pig represents wealth people born under this year do not spend money like crazy and are smart when they indulge with their money. Men born under this sign are expected to be gentle, focused and optimistic while the woman are expected to be energetic and social butterflies.

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Careers and Financials

The Pig year is seen as a year of progress for professional areas because of this, people born under the Pig can expect an income increase. Due to the Pigs tolerant, understanding and harmonious personalities, and their desire to have everybody in harmony they are more suitable to have jobs in fundraisers and charities. If they want to make investments in business they’ll need to be braver and take risks but to a certain point. Changing careers for this year for the Pigs is not recommended, confrontation in their careers are expected this year but luckily the Pig can use their patient personalities in this case.

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Of course, you have to watch your health every day of every year but it being the Year of the Pig it’s best to look out for it more. Pigs are known to be super energetic and lead busy lives so even if they’re tired they won’t know it or pay attention. For this reason, Pigs need to pay mind to it more. Small things count, it’s important for them to take time off, relax and unwind as busy lives can also come with stress. The Pig needs to watch out for those lazy moments as well, not to avoid things for too long. Seasonal changes can affect the Pigs health as well and they can be prone to respiratory problems. Watch out for an unhealthy diet that can lead to high cholesterol and heart problems.

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The Year of the Pig is known to be not as romantic so one needs to work a bit harder to find that romance. Doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world because of the lack of relationship problems this year Pigs can focus on other aspects in their lives, friendships, careers, lifestyle. They can also take away lessons from previous relationships and add that to what they want in their next ones. For those already in a committed relationship, they will need to work hard for communication with their partner this year. Those under the Pig year are compatible with those born in the Year of the Tiger, Rabbit, and Goat.

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There will be a lot of up and downs for the Pigs fortune this year so being extra cautious is recommended. The Pig may feel a lot of stress under regulations. Although the increase in income is good fortune for many it may bring the downs of it with it. As for the other aspects of Pigs life, everything else would be pretty normal.

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