7 Fun Ways To Celebrate Galentine’s Day With Your Girl Squad

The most important day of the year is almost here… Galentine’s Day! February 13th is the perfect day to celebrate the friendships in your life. You don’t have to be in a romantic relationship to have fun in February. Make sure you mark the day on your calendar, text your girl squad, and choose one (or all) of these ways to celebrate.

1. Go to a concert.

This year, skip the dinner and make unique plans you won’t forget! Find a concert for a band you’re obsessed with, or go the unexpected route and see an artist you’ve never even heard of. Get dressed up with your friends and make your way on to the dance floor. Even if you don’t know a single song, you can still have a blast.

Girl sitting on shoulders at a concert


2. Explore your town and have a photoshoot.

Let’s be real, cute girl squad photos are made for Galentine’s Day Instagram photos and sentimental captions. Make a day out of exploring your college town or drive to a nearby city. Start with coffee (duh) and make sure to take your time investigating your town – you never know where you’ll find the perfect photo op.

Women taking a selfie


3. Go hiking.

Use Galentine’s Day as an excuse to get outside and get active! Find a park near you and bring your friends to walk a trail. Don’t forget to pack your favorite foods and a hammock so you can have a picnic when you get hungry. Nothing’s better than fresh air and friend time.

Two women hiking and looking at the sunset


4. Have a movie marathon.

If the weather is gross outside, nothing’s better than cozying up in bed with Netflix. Invite your friends over, make some popcorn, and load up your queue¬†with cheesy rom coms… or go the unexpected route and have a horror movie night. Make sure to watch something new – who knows, it might be your new favorite movie!

Two girls watching Netflix and eating popcorn


5. Check out an art museum.

Do you and your friends always talk about the fun things you would do if you had time? Galentine’s Day is the perfect reason to make time! Look for an art museum in your area (your college may have one!) and go visit. You’ll get the chance to learn something new and come away feeling inspired.

Two women looking at paintings in an art museum


6. Take a dessert tour.

If you’ve ever disagreed (aka fought) with your friends about what dessert you want after dinner, a dessert tour is right for you! Make a list of the different dessert places in your town and try to find unique options. At each place, sample different sweets, from cakes to donuts to ice cream. You’ll definitely be full by the end of the day, but you may find a new favorite spot!

Three women enjoying desserts


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