Hailey Nailor: Full Story & 6 Must-See Details

Hailey Nailor, a 16-year-old girl in Connecticut, died on Saturday, February 9, after jumping off the parking garage at the Danbury Fair Mall. Some reports indicate that Nailor’s decision may have been influenced by bullying.

1. A Twitter user said that Nailor killed herself because of “bullying”.

“I’m in shock, this beautiful soul was lost today bc of bullying. The fact that anyone would coerce/want someone to commit suicide is beyond me. It’s inhumane & disgusting. R.I.P Hailey Nailor. You will get the justice you deserve. Bianca, you will get what’s coming for you,” a tweet from Twitter user @camrynnlucas read.


However, according to the Connecticut Post, police are currently investigating whether or not bullying played a role in Nailor’s death.

Additionally, the Post reports that Nailor’s family do not believe that she was bullied.

2. The ‘Bianca’ referenced in the Danbury student’s tweet allegedly Snapchatted a message saying “Haha Rest in Peach bitch”.

According to the New York Post, a person identified as Bianca Carboni posted a message on Snapchat that read “Haha Rest in Peace bitch.”

carboni snapchat

Snapchat/New York Post

3. Nailor died after jumping off the 5th floor of the Danbury Fair Mall parking garage.

On Saturday, February 9, Nailor jumped off the fifth floor of the parking garage at the Danbury Fair Mall in Connecticut.

4. She posted to Snapchat just moments before her death.

According to the Connecticut Post, 18-year-old Luis Lopez said that Nailor “recorded herself contemplating if she should go through with it” prior to jumping.

5. The investigation is currently ongoing.

Danbury police department Lt. Mark Williams said that while the investigation is ongoing, he said there’s no evidence that suggests “she was prodded to jump by anyone” at this time.

6. Grief counselors were made available at Danbury High School.

In a statement on Facebook, Danbury School District Superintendent Sal Pascarella, who did not elaborate on his claim, said grief counselors would be available for students at the school on Monday.

“It is with great sorrow that I share information on the untimely passing of a Danbury High School student on Saturday, Feb 9, 2019. Our thoughts and deepest sympathies are extended to family and friends at this most difficult time,” Pascarella wrote.

“Danbury High School will have counselors and support staff on hand for any student in need. In addition if at any point you feel your child may be having difficulties, please contact their school principal, counselor or social worker for support,” he continued.

Finally, Pascarella closed by saying that “this is a difficult time for everyone involved” and that “our thoughts and prayers are with the family.”

That is all the information that is available at this time. This article will be updated with new and relevant information should it become available. If there is anything that we missed, please reach out to [email protected]

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