5 Tips On Getting Over Heartbreak During The School Year

Heartbreak is inevitable sadly, and it doesn’t matter what’s going on in your life at the moment, it can come up out of nowhere and happen. Whether you are the dumpy or the dumper, it still sucks. It’s even worse when you have to wake up every morning and go to a place you don’t like much. School is draining all on its own add a major breakup in your life, you’re not only physically drained but emotionally drained as well. Here are 5 tips on getting over a heartbreak during the school year.

Create Some Boundaries For Yourself

A man walking away from a crying woman during a breakup


It’s hard to do this,¬†specifically for people who are not used to voicing what they want or need from a person. In any relationship creating boundaries is vital. So whether you and your ex stayed friends or not you have to set up some rules to protect yourself, help you move on and help the both of you. It’s best to take some time apart from each other, create some distance. It’s hard, but ultimately it’s to help you both move on. Besides not checking up on them, or hearing from them for a while will help you get used to it leading to you, one day not even having the urge to spy on them online or want to hear from them as much. If it was meant to be the distance will all make sense eventually.

Spend More Time With Your Friends

Friends hanging out


Friends are the best cure for heartbreak. Being surrounded by a supportive group of people who make you laugh and smile a lot is really one of the best remedies. Friends can take your mind off of anything, and when you’re around them, it’s easier not to cry or become upset because they’re there to make you feel better. Try to do anything and everything with your friends. Hang out as much as you can with, go out, stay in and watch a movie, have a study a fun study session or even cry and vent how you’re feeling to them. Friends are there for you for anything, and they make this sad feeling a bit better.

Focus Your Energy On Something Else

A girl happy and dancing in her kitchen


It’s the best time to focus all your energy on something else. Your mind needs that distraction. Do anything and everything, focus on your school work, you don’t want to be heartbroken and failing as well.¬† Focus your energy on hitting the gym, working out can really help your body and your mind feel better. Pick up journaling, art, dancing anything just keep yourself occupied. It’s time to focus on yourself, not on them.

Cry It Out

Girl crying


Don’t listen to anybody when they say you should stop crying about it. It’s okay to cry! Cry as much as you want, you are heartbroken, and this is one of the bodies reactions to it. So let it all out whenever you want but once you’re done what you can to make yourself feel better. Take a shower, put on a face mask, drink lots of water to rejuvenate yourself again, watch something funny or relatable, invite a friend over. Do what you can to take care of yourself after that emotionally draining period. Let it out as many times as you want then pick yourself up.

Talk It Out

A girl sitting on a stoop thinking


Although spending time apart from each other is important if you feel there are things that were left unsaid talk it out. If you remain friends with them, this makes things more comfortable as you both are in good terms. If this isn’t the case for you, try to reach out to them it may be a lot and take a lot of courage for some, but sometimes it’s what you need to do to have a peace of mind. You can also write them a letter, let out what you think and then keep it for yourself and maybe when you feel ready, give it to them.

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